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Michael Moore Film May Splinter Green Movement, Calls Green Energies ‘A Delusion’, Billionaire Bonanza – Gore, McKibben & Sierra Club ‘come across as swindling villains’

By P Gosselin

In short, everything we’ve been told about green energies is a lie. And a select few swindlers out there are making a financial killing while the environment gets devoured by “green” technologies.

The newly released Planet of the Humans film is an as damning documentary as you’ll ever see – produced by leftist Michael Moore.

It’s a huge load of inconvenient truth all at once. Will the film be too much to take and be shut down by the social media giants and others?

Directed by environmentalist Jeff Gibbs, the film examines the crony capitalism, corruption and outright deceit and fraud being perpetrated by green energy billionaires, politicians and their spokespeople, like Bill McKibben who is prominently featured.

The film is certainly going to be a harsh wake up call for a good portion of the Fridays for Future movement. It just has to be. No one could possibly be that deep in denial, could they?

Throughout the film one adjective gets used repeatedly to describe green energies: “delusional”. Skeptics have been pointing out the green energy folly for years. Finally many of their arguments are being delivered powerfully in this 100-minute film.

Green energies as a savior is “just a delusion”

Director Gibbs not only shows how the often ballyhooed green energy systems like wind, solar, electric cars and biomass don’t work, but are in fact making everything worse – much worse. He adds: “The notion that green energies would save us is just a delusion.”

Green energies: a bill of false promises

The film presents so many examples of green energy fraud and folly: e.g. the insanely low output of wind and sun, corporate green washing, more fossil fuels being burned to prop up green energy systems, false promises of green energy being free and free and clean, all the toxic waste they produce, the mass destruction on precious biotopes, the solar panels are made of sand, biomass is clean and sustainable, to name a few.

From heroes to villains

Renowned figures like Al Gore and Bill McKibben and Sierra Club – once revered as environmental heroes –  suddenly now come across as swindling villains.

One stunning example of clean energy gone wrong is the McNeil biomass plant in Vermont which burns 30 cords of wood each hour.Another plant in Michigan burns toxic creosote railroad ties along with the wood! – all next door to a head start school and home for the elderly. In the wintertime snow on the ground turns black.

Black snow

In Lansing Michigan, tonnes of concrete and steel were installed to support a football-field size solar panel system that can supply energy for whole 10 homes for a year. In 20 years it’ll be a field of litter, a monument among many of the Gore’s green energy folly.

Also in Vermont hectares of mountain forest were removed as the entire Lowell Mountain ridge was blasted to make way for thousands of tonnes of steel and concrete and 21 monster wind turbines which show up for work only one day a week on average.

“Green energies not replacing fossil fuels”

Gibbs says he is supporter of green energy, but painfully had to admit: “Everywhere I encountered green energy, it wasn’t what it seemed.” The many green energy examples he presents in fact cannot operate without traditional energy sources. “Green energies are not even replacing fossil fuels.”

Other prime examples of green energy follies examined by Planet of the Humans are the Mojave Desert Ivanpah Solar Array, or the Dagget Solar Array. Once heralded as a solution for the future, they now sit half buried in sand and litter the land.

The materials to build the facility in part came from companies owned by the Koch brothers. “This relies” on the most toxic and industrial processes that we’ve ever created.”

Bill “Blackwater” McKibben

Planet of the Humans takes an especially harsh look at biomass and its primary promoter, Bill McKibben, who appears as a stooge for environmentally ruthless billionaires. What is especially shocking is the utterly blind following by young people the movement has, many being totally unaware of what is really going on.

Potential backlash

We suspect and hope the young generation is going to finally sober up from the green mind trip that their junkies have induced them into. You can almost sense it. It’s important this film be viewed by as many young people as possible so that it becomes a real threat to the FFF trance movement.

Too much pessimism

For all its good points, the film spreads leftist misconceptions such as the notion there are too many humans on the planet, that our resources are limited and that climate change is a real problem.

Hopefully Messieurs Moore and Gibbs will extend their research and realize here as well that climate change is merely part of the green energies’ sales pitch, criminally exaggerated to make the green energies look like the solution.