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Michael Moore Unveils ‘Planet of the Humans’: ‘How Would They Know When It’s Their Time to Go?’

By Craig Bannister | April 21, 2020 | 2:41pm EDT
On Tuesday, the eve of the 50th annual Earth Day, millionaire environmental activist/filmmaker Michael Moore unveiled “Planet of the Humans,” a documentary attacking, not only fossil fuels and carbon emissions, but also those who seek to profit from green energy.

The film, making vague illusions to the classic science fiction film franchise “The Planet of the Apes,” begins with man-on-the-street comments, including one woman who declares, “We will be here for a long time, but we will change. We’re going to turn back into apes.”

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if a single species took over an entire planet?” Narrator/Director/Environmentalist Jeff Gibbs wonders – before asking whether man will know when his time is up:

“Maybe, they’re cute. Maybe, they’re clever – but, lack a certain, shall we say, self-restraint. What if they go too far? What if they go way, way, way, way, way too far?

“How would they know when it’s their time to go?”

The documentary goes on to condemn “the profit motive” – even when it’s pursued by the likes of Former Vice President Al Gore, Bloomberg Energy, and the Sierra Club daring to tolerate or invest in forms of alternative energy such as biofuels and biomass, which the film considers fake green energy:

“The profit motive – the only reason we’ve been force-fed the story that ‘climate change plus renewables equals we’re saved’ is because billionaires, bankers and corporations profit from it.”

“Billionaires were in love with the idea of turning what was left of nature into green profits,” Gibbs says, warning that rich, green entrepreneurs have created “a cancerous form of capitalism that rules the world”:

“And, the reason we’re not talking about over-population, consumption and the suicide of economic growth, is that would be bad for business – especially, the cancerous form of capitalism that rules the world, now hiding under a cover of green.”

“We must take control of our environmental movement and our future from billionaires and their permanent war on Planet Earth. They are not our friends,” the film declares.

But, ultimately, it’s not carbon, but “Everything we humans are doing” that is bringing about the “human-caused apocalypse,” the film concludes:

“Less must be the new more. And, instead of climate change, we must at long accept that it’s not the carbon dioxide molecule destroying the planet – it’s us.

“It’s not one thing, it’s everything we humans are doing: a human-caused apocalypse.

“If we get ourselves under control, all things are possible. And, if we don’t…”

Moore is allowing viewers to watch his full, feature-length “Planet of the Humans” documentary free on YouTube for the next 30 days.


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