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Blow to the Earth! UN announces that its ‘climate action meetings’ in Caribbean, Africa, Asia & Middle East are ‘postponed’ & ‘virtual’ meetings sought instead


All Regional Climate Weeks in 2020 are postponed. Host Governments are in the process of confirming their commitment to host the events in 2021. The organizing partners will discuss a possible schedule of Regional Climate Week meetings for 2021 over the coming days, keeping in mind uncertainties around the precise timing of COP26 in 2021. Virtual solutions to fulfill some of the objectives of the Regional Climate Weeks are also being explored.

About the Regional Climate Weeks

Regional Climate Weeks (RCWs) inspire individuals and organizations to become part of the momentum created by the global climate agreement in Paris. It is a unique collaborative platform where both governments and non-governmental organizations stakeholders gather to address the gamut of relevant climate issues under one umbrella.

Bringing together diverse stakeholders in the public and private sectors around a common goal of addressing climate change, is the main goal of the RCWs.

The RCWs include series of events that provide space for a grassroots exchange of knowledge and best practices across the region on: Implementation of  Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Global Climate Action (GCA).

Every year the RCWs are held in the following regions: Africa, Latin-America and Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific. As of 2020, a RCWs was also to be convened in the Middle East and Northern African region.

Regional Climate Weeks 2020

Originally planned Regional Climate Weeks in 2020:

  • Africa Climate Week 2020 (ACW2020), Kampala – Uganda
  • Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2020 (LACCW2020), Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, 6-10 July 2020
  • Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2020 (APCW2020), Yokohama – Japan, 24-28 August 2020
  • Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 2020 (MENACW2020) – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 6-10 December 2020
Regional Climate Weeks 2019

In 2019, the RCWs served as critical stepping-stones to the UN Climate Action Summit hosted by UN Secretary-General António Guterres in New York in September. Click on the respective event of interest to view the report: Africa (ACW), Latin America and the Caribbean (LACCW) and Asia-Pacific (APCW). The video below is a compilation of all three events held in 2019.


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