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A Crack in the Ice of Climate Censorship: The Chronicle of Philanthropy just published a rare critique of climate alarmism

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has published an exchange on climate science and energy economics between the heads of the William and Flora Hewlett and the William E. Simon Foundations.

In the January 2020 issue Hewlett Foundation president Larry Kramer had called on other foundations to join him in focusing their funding ending CO2 emissions, because otherwise they would destroy everything else that foundations support.  In the April issue, Simon Foundation president James Piereson responded with data documenting the absence of dangerous trends in climate variables and the importance of fossil fuels in maintaining human health and progress. (see h

CO2 Coalition executive director Caleb Rossiter commented: “This is the first rational debate on the facts I have seen in a number of years in a publication that is not considered ‘conservative.’ The climate alarmist movement has carried out a systematic and successful campaign to censor opposing views in liberal media and professional journals, as well as on social media like Facebook. This is a real breakthrough that provides hope for policies that protect the environment while meeting the human need for electricity, heating, and economic growth.

“I congratulate the Chronicle of Philanthropy for daring to present Jim Piereson’s robust analysis of climate science and energy economics. Let’s see if ground zero for censorship, like the New York Times, National Public Radio, and the networks, have the courage to follow the Chronicle’s lead.”

Follow this link for a PDF of this article