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Morano rips GOP warmists who tout carbon tax: ‘Once you give fed govt a massive new power like this, you are giving it a blank check for the future’ by Kevin Mooney Several eco-Right groups burrowed into the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February 2020. Their calls for big-government solutions to address the claimed effects of climate change smack of left-of-center environmental activism and have little in common with limited government, free market, or constitutional conservativism. And their connections with and funding […]

Climate models miss most of the coarse dust in the atmosphere By Adeyemi A. Adebiyi and Jasper F. Kok Abstract Coarse mineral dust (diameter, ≥5 μm) is an important component of the Earth system that affects clouds, ocean ecosystems, and climate. Despite their significance, climate models consistently underestimate the amount of coarse dust in the atmosphere when compared to measurements. Here, we estimate the global load of coarse […]

Equal Warming, 1900 to 1950 versus 1950 to 2018: Why the UN Knows the First Half was Natural Mathematics and Statistics Professor Caleb Stewart Rossiter Helps You “Do the Math” of Logarithms CO2 has a logarithmic effect on temperature. Using log math, CO2 levels from 1950 to 2018 have 5.23 times the impact of levels from 1900 to 1950. That means there was no measurable warming from industrial CO2 emissions in the earlier period. Recorded […]

A Crack in the Ice of Climate Censorship: The Chronicle of Philanthropy just published a rare critique of climate alarmism The Chronicle of Philanthropy has published an exchange on climate science and energy economics between the heads of the William and Flora Hewlett and the William E. Simon Foundations. In the January 2020 issue Hewlett Foundation president Larry Kramer had called on other foundations to join him in focusing their funding ending CO2 emissions, because otherwise […]

AG Barr Declares ‘MICROBES’ – NOT ‘Global Warming’ – ‘The Real Threat to Human Beings’ By Craig Bannister “The real threat to human beings are microbes,” not global warming, Attorney General William Barr said Thursday, declaring tighter border security the first step in keeping deadly diseases like the coronavirus out of the U.S. Greater public appreciation of the role border control plays in securing public health may actually be […]

Drought Factcheck: USA ‘benefiting from fewer and less extreme drought events’ By Paul Homewood One of the frequent claims about global warming is that it will lead to more severe droughts. For instance, the WMO were crystal clear in their latest Greenhouse Gas Bulletin: The last five years have been the hottest ever recorded. The consequences are already making themselves felt in the form of more […]

Revealed: Extinction Rebellion’s Secret Plan To Remake The World BY DAVID ROSE As we contemplate the havoc being wrought by the coronavirus, most of us see mainly sickness, death, and economic ruin. Dr. Rupert Read, spokesman for the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion — plus sometimes Green party candidate and associate professor of philosophy at the University of East Anglia — has rather […]

James Delingpole on extreme model deaths from virus: ‘I’m a climate sceptic and I’ve seen it all before’ Excerpt: I’m a climate sceptic and I’ve seen it all before. The fact that computer models are unreliable — often based on the junkiest of junk data inputs; programmed with the shonkiest and most politically motivated algorithms, put together by people you wouldn’t trust to run a bath let alone dictate government policy — […]

Green Policies Backfire Against the Coronavirus Green Policies Backfire Against the Coronavirus San Francisco now bans reusable bags as suburbanites have a social-distance edge. By Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney We really knew there was a crisis when San Francisco, which 13 years ago banned single-use plastic bags in grocery stores, would now prohibit reusable bags as part of its effort to […]