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March 2020 CO2 Levels at Mauna Loa Show No Obvious Effect from Global Economic Downturn by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. The COVID-19 disease spread is causing a worldwide shutdown in economic activity as business close, airlines cancel flights, and people shelter in their homes. For example, there was a 28% decline in global commercial air traffic in March 2020 compared to March of last year. Last month I described a simple […]

Craig Rucker: A giant of science has passed – Dr. Fred Singer By Craig Rucker It is with a heavy heart that we at CFACT share sad news with you today. Dr. S. Fred Singer, a giant in the field of science and a good CFACT friend, passed away quietly yesterday at the age of 95. His loss will be deeply felt not just by myself and […]

Europe’s Carbon Market Collapses As EU Urged To Put Economic Survival Ahead Of Green Deal GWPF Newsletter 07/04/20 Europe’s Carbon Market Collapses EU Urged To Put Economic Survival Ahead Of Green Deal EU ETS price collapse, Reuters 18 March 2020 As Europe’s economies are in full lockdown, industries facing total collapse are desperately calling on the EU to water down or at least delay costly climate policies. In this […]

Airlines urge UN aviation body to rethink climate measures as industry collapses By Chloé Farand | Climate Home News Airlines are putting pressure on the UN to make it easier for them to curb emissions in the 2020s, as the industry reels from the collapse of air travel because of the coronavirus. EURACTIV’s partner Climate Home News reports. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents the world’s […]

James Taylor: DR. S. FRED SINGER, R.I.P. By James Taylor Atmospheric physicist S. Fred Singer, one of the true giants of modern-day science, passed on last night at the age of 95. Singer’s impacts on the world of science will live on long after this generation also passes on. A summary of his scientific accomplishments would take hours to read. A few of […]

Ross McKitrick: Suddenly, plastic is looking pretty good again in age of coronavirus By Ross McKitrick When I speak or teach on environmental policy, one question often comes up. What to do about all the plastic waste, and why don’t we just ban it all? Until a month ago, my answer would have seemed abstract and unconvincing to a lot of young people. I’d note that much […]