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Bill Gates: How the coronavirus pandemic can help the world solve climate change – ‘I don’t think this has to be a huge set back for climate’

By Catherine Clifford

Though the economic and social shutdowns due to COVID-19 in countries across the globe has meant a temporary reprieve from some of the most obvious environmental effects in places from China to Venice, Italy, the world’s nearly singular focus on the pandemic has meant less attention is being paid to climate change.

However, in the long run, efforts to get the coronavirus pandemic under control will facilitate the fight against climate change, according to Bill Gates.


“That idea of innovation and science and the world working together — that is totally common between these two problems, and so I don’t think this has to be a huge set back for climate,” Gates told TED’s Chris Anderson during a livestreamed conversation on March 24.

The cooperation Gates is observing globally in the science community is encouraging, he says.

“In the science side and data sharing side, you see this great cooperation going on,” Gates told Anderson.