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Why are doomsaying experts, who always get it wrong, still the media’s favorites?

A couple of weeks ago we saw media outlets report that “experts” predicted that 500,000 would die in Great Britain and two million in the U.S.

Now those wild made-up predictions have been lowered to 20,000 or below in Britain and to 80,000 in the U.S.

Here’s the news item:

Imperial College scientist who predicted 500K coronavirus deaths in UK adjusts to 20K or fewer

So those predictions of less than two weeks ago, used to spread panic and depression and used to justify shutting down much of the economy, were at least 96% off. Why would anyone think the new estimates are any closer, and continue to call these people experts when they missed their original estimates by almost 100%?

Andrew Cuomo and others just make up that the rest of the country will soon look like New York City and the media treats him as if he is an expert, too.

Yet President Trump is lectured continuously by the press puppets, who just repeat what they are told, that he should never question experts. The media is so scared that the public will like what Trump is doing they are censoring him as they pretend they are for transparency and the truth.

Let’s put the 80,000 deaths in the U.S in perspective. In an average year, around 2.4 million people die from all causes in the U.S. and 80,000 would be a little over 3%. Also, most of the people who are dying from this virus are elderly people with other severe medical conditions.

How many people will get sick or die from other conditions because of the tunnel-vision focus on the Chinese virus? How many people will get extremely ill, mentally and physically, and panic because they are constantly being scared to death by the media?

But Trump is the problem because he is being optimistic and wants to open the economy back up in areas where the threat is manageable.

Worse still, Much of the radical media outlets no longer want the public to see Trump. Instead they want to continue to scare them. Community health clinics are going broke because of this continuous panic-mongering.

Hundreds of health care facilities in Illinois that largely serve low-income and minority communities are facing financial chaos because they’ve canceled most routine doctor visits in an attempt to stymie the coronavirus pandemic, according to an industry organization’s report.

I have always had trouble with the media calling people “experts” who are frequently spectacularly wrong and are pushing agendas, most often radical left-wing agendas, seeking more government control and less freedom for the people.

For example:

In 1970, to push a left-wing agenda, on the first Earth day scientists and others intentionally scared the public by saying billions would die soon because of a coming ice age, starvation and said we would soon be out of oil and other natural resources. The media just went along with these made up predictions that were 100% wrong.

In 1989, the experts at the UN intentionally scared the public when they said we only had ten years left to solve the global warming problem. Most of the media, along with entertainers and other Democrats, just repeated the warnings that were 100% wrong because of the radical left-wing agenda they support.

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, we got an over-the-top prediction that hurricanes would be stronger and more frequent than ever. Again, most of the media just repeated this made up crap with no questions asked. The predictions were 100% wrong as we had an extremely mild ten years after Katrina.

In 2008, ABC ran a dire warning that NYC and Miami would be substantially under water by 2015 because of warming, the melting ice caps and rising sea levels. These made up predictions, with no evidence, were 100% wrong.

In 2019, the UN essentially regurgitated their 100% wrong predictions from 1989 and again most of the media, entertainers, and other Democrats just repeat the garbage predictions to push their agenda to destroy thousands of industries and tens of millions of jobs. They pretend that politicians and bureaucrats can control the climate forever if we, the people, just hand them trillions more of our hard-earned dollars.

Over the years, we have intentionally been lied to that we would have snowless winters, droughts, floods and storms are worse than ever and this is unprecedented warming.

A story that never gets much play is when exceptionally cold winter weather causes excess deaths. For example, in Great Britain, in 2016-2017, that country had an estimated 34,300 excess deaths due to a cold winter. That is 70% higher than the current estimate of deaths from the virus. The story obviously doesn’t get wide coverage because it doesn’t fit the radical left-wing agenda.

In the 2016 to 2017 winter period, there were an estimated 34,300 excess winter deaths (EWDs) in England and Wales, which represents an excess winter mortality (EWM) index of 20.9%.

Instead of asking questions and pointing out all the made-up false predictions and obvious lies, pretend journalists just repeat the talking points and say the science is settled. They call President Trump and others, who truthfully say that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally stupid and climate change deniers to denigrate them and shut off debate.

Climate change denier, fascist, dictator and racist are terms the media always uses to denigrate anyone who disagrees with the left-wing agenda they are pushing.

Other examples of supposed experts just making crap up:

In 2009, President Obama and other Democrats continually lied about everything when they were seeking to get Obamacare passed. The “experts” at the supposedly non-partisan CBO went along with the obvious lies that Obamacare would reduce the deficit and that the government taking over student loans would make the government a profit to help pay for Obamacare.

In 2017, at the beginning of Trump’s term CBO predicted that 1.8 million jobs would be created in the first there years of Trump. Instead there were over six million. They underestimated by over 200%. So why does the media treat CBO as if their numbers are gospel when they report them?

In 2016, Mark Zandi of Moody’s and Paul Krugman of the NY Times predicted a recession and millions of job losses if Trump was elected and his policies were enacted. Why are these partisan hacks treated as experts?

For the past three years, most of the media along with other Democrats have been making up garbage and continually predicting and rooting for a recession for the sole purpose of destroying Trump and electing Democrats to push the radical left-wing agenda. They clearly would rather have people being dependent on government instead of giving everyone, especially minorities, the opportunity to move up the economic ladder.

It is sad that most of the media are so partisan that they don’t want the economy to come back to life early. They are so scared that it will help Trump that they would rather have people suffer.

It is the Democrat campaign workers, masquerading as journalists, who are willing to destroy civilization as we know it and threaten lives through poverty and depression, not Trump.

I mistakenly thought that once the sycophant journalists and other Democrats were caught intentionally lying for years about Russian collusion that they would be embarrassed and do their job. Sadly, that looks like it will never occur. Power is all they care about.