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Statistician Dr Matt Briggs: ‘Coronavirus Update — Calm Yourselves’ – ‘Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing from ‘experts’

By Dr. Matt Briggs

Shut down the world for eight months! Hey, if in Cuomo’s words it “saves just one life”, let alone 5.34 million, it will have been worth it.


Week ending 14 March, “CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu.”


Thirty-eight million cases! Nearly 400 thousand supply-chain ICU-stressing hospitalizations! Twenty-three thousand dead bodies! How many more were left permanently scarred from this horrible disease with reduced lung function and other comorbidities? And this is only in the USA! …

Ever notice how ebola comes and goes in waves? What happened to all the other diseases that were going to kill us all? Who stopped them? Rather, what stopped them? What’s that? I didn’t catch what you said.

The CNBC, always a reliable source, said “The coronavirus could kill millions of Americans: ‘Do the math,’ immunization specialist says“. Here’s another: “A report that helped convince Trump to take coronavirus seriously projected that 2.2 million people could die in the US if we don’t act“.

America is about 5% of the world’s population. If we extrapolate these numbers to the world, we get at least 40 million dead.

That’s a lot of bodies. Where are they?

We’re three or four months into this thing and we only have 16,448. China, the locus in quo, only had about 3,300 deaths. The virus is going to really get to work if it’s going to achieve its potential!

Japan was also supposed to be whacked. They’re further along than the USA, infection-timing wise. “A Coronavirus Explosion Was Expected in Japan. Where Is It?”

Japan was one of the first countries outside of China hit by the coronavirus and now it’s one of the least-affected among developed nations. That’s puzzling health experts.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing from “experts”.

Japan did not engage in widespread testing, didn’t confine people under martial law lite. They carried on much as usual, encouraged wearing masks, washing hands, and not freaking out. Japan did not do minimax. Yet they survived.

Germany, you ask? “Germany’s low coronavirus mortality rate intrigues experts.” More experts!

We, on the other hand, minimaxed the hell out of the situation. We did our best WHAT-ABOUT-THE-CHILDREN! maximum death scenario, and then moved an entire country to war footing to avoid this worst case. Don’t forget what Cuomo said: any cost is worth it if we save just one life.