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Greta Thunberg says climate protests should go online to reduce coronavirus risk By Robin Pomeroy – Digital Editor, World Economic Forum Thunberg started global movement of school strikes for climate action. Urges fellow activists to follow expert advice on coronavirus. Launches #ClimateStrikeOnline hashtag. Greta Thunberg, who launched a mass movement of youth protests for climate action, has asked her supporters to suspend large demonstrations while coronavirus remains a […]

A duped Prince Harry says Trump has climate ‘blood on his hands’ in call with Russian hoaxers By Cody Derespina Mar 11 2020, 7:51 ET Updated: Mar 11 2020, 9:03 ET PRINCE Harry said President Donald Trump’s support for the coal industry means he has ‘blood on his hands’ as part of a call with hoaxers who apparently duped the duke. Speaking on the phone with Russian pranksters posing as climate activist Greta Thunberg, […]

Europe’s Green Suicide: 11 Million Jobs At Risk From EU Green Deal, Trade Unions Warn Open in your browser   Home Who We Are Latest Postings Press Releases Contact GWPF Newsletter 11/03/20 Europe’s Green Suicide Eleven Million Jobs At Risk From EU Green Deal, Trade Unions Warn The European Green Deal risks deepening economic and social divisions between east and western EU countries, trade unions say, warning the 27-member bloc […]

MAG: What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus? BY ADELE PETERS … The scale of the response raises another question: What would it look like if the world responded to the climate crisis with a similar sense of urgency? The coronavirus response might not have been as fast as it should have been; if the Chinese government had acted faster, the virus […]

Time Mag. cites ‘worried experts’ who fear Coronavirus ‘has the potential to totally derail climate talks’ – ‘Could derail the UN Paris Agreement’ How Coronavirus Could Set Back the Fight Against Climate Change BY JUSTIN WORLAND  MARCH 10, 2020 This year was supposed to be a big one in the international fight against climate change. But the fast spreading new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is posing a triple-threat to action that could derail the Paris Agreement effort to […]

UK Guardian: Coronavirus ‘health crisis is reducing carbon emissions more than any policy’ – Could cause fall in global CO2 emissions’ By Jonathan Watts Excerpt: Governments should act with the same urgency on climate as on the coronavirus, leading campaigners say, as evidence mounts that the health crisis is reducing carbon emissions more than any policy… In China – the source of the disease and the world’s largest carbon emitter – the actions taken by […]

Coronavirus is curbing carbon dioxide emissions: ‘Falls in economic activity will reduce greenhouse gas emissions’ By Ben Piven Excerpt: While global warming may not make the coronavirus go away, the outbreak is temporarily curbing carbon emissions. And financial experts say new sustainability criteria for assessing investment risks could help governments and the private sector initiate measures that could avoid future outbreaks. ‘Falls in economic activity’ More than 4,000 people […]

Warmist: Coronavirus could be ‘turning point in global efforts to fight climate change’ – More Effective Than The Green Deal By Dave Keating Last week’s unveiling of a landmark climate law in the European Union has come with a variety of new obligations for European companies. Each will have to do their part to meet the EU’s goal of completely decabonizing by 2050. European businesses are worried about what that will mean for their bottom line, […]

EU official exploits coronavirus to push awful climate change legislation by Patrick Michaels  | March 09, 2020 04:37 PM We’ve been just waiting for the panic over coronavirus to somehow end up involving global warming. The Guardian finally delivered, courtesy of the ridiculous bureaucrats at the European Union. Here’s the March 4 headline: “Focus on coronavirus shows need for climate law, says EU official.” The report explains: Frans Timmermans, a […]