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How dare you! New Kids climate book to counter Greta’s hysteria! ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Climate Change’

by Melissa Nichols (Author)

Climate change alarmism is causing anxiety and depression in children, teens, and adults. Don’t Be Afraid of Climate Change was written to be a concise resource helping to separate climate fact from climate fiction. Full-color illustrations feature a wolf named Climate Change, and like most big, bad wolves he would rather be scary than completely truthful. Each illustration pairs him with a common climate related fear, and then the facts or fictions behind those fears. Readers are likely to realize that climate change isn’t so scary after all.

Some of the topics included are: polar bears, melting sea ice, global warming, hurricanes, CO2, and possible causes of climate change. Don’t Be Afraid of Climate Change is an excellent educational resource for putting a child’s mind at ease. Adults, teens, and tweens will also find it to be a useful tool for discussing climate change with others.