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Trump blasts Davos over 50 years of doomsday – Trump: Alarmists demand ‘absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives’

By Chris Woodward (

Anyone paying attention knows President Donald Trump often fails to hold back his words, and the world’s elites attending the World Economic Forum this week were reminded of that fact.

After touting America’s strong economy, the President told his audience Americans reject the prophets of doom who predicted overpopulation in the 1960s, mass starvation in the 1970s, and the end of oil in the 1990s.

“They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers,” he said. “And they want to see us do badly but we don’t let that happen.”

“What President Trump said today in Davos was phenomenal,” observes Climate Depot‘s Marc Morano, a vocal skeptic of man-made climate change. “President Trump is the greatest challenge to the entire global warming establishment, and not just becasue of his polices, but because he is willing to challenge the narrative and tell them to their face at the actual conference what it’s like.”

President Trump not only criticized the doomsday predictions but summarized their goals: “These alarmists always demand the same thing: Absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives,” he warned.

Australia wildfires Jan2020


The President’s remarks don’t sit well with environmental groups, however. Fossil fuels foe cited the “unprecedented fires” that scorched through Australia in recent weeks (pictured at left) as one reason Davos attendees need to take action.

There is just one problem with that claim: some of the brush fires were deliberately set, leading to 24 arrests and charges of arson to date.

Approximately 150 others have been charged since last fall for accidentally starting fires, such as dropping a cigarette.

Still others have criticized environmental policies for banning controlled burns and fire breaks.

Edward Ring of the California Policy Center wrote about Australia’s current battle over blame in a January 14 article published at