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The Insane True Cause Of Australia’s Bush Fires

Written by Giordano Bruno*

I already authored several scientific papers about the need to keep the bush clean in Australia, but scientific management seems to have been forgotten by the politically corrected climate alarmists who play everything to their only advantage, including catastrophic bush fires.

Before the first boats of “globalists” reached Australia, the Aboriginal peoples were running efficient fire management programs for many purposes, including using small fires to prevent huge ones. For tens of thousands of years, they were fighting fire with fire to reduce the likelihood of large uncontrolled wildfires.

Their work has been described as “firestick agriculture” by Rhys Jones. According to Hallam, the Aboriginal peoples spent up to 30% of their time on fire management, and their efforts were rewarded by a perfect symbiosis between peoples and their environment.

Then the first boats of “globalists” came and with them the growing inability to deal with the Australian bush. Much of the Australian bush is not a dense forest, but many thin to thick woody shrubs and bushes, usually very dry, especially during the summer, mostly grassless, often eucalypt trees, that are extremely flammable.