Debunking The CO2 Climate Doomsday Scenario With Empirical Evidence (click to enlarge) Empirical evidence is the bane of all climate change ‘doomers’ since it contradicts what they’ve been told as being true. In a nutshell, the doomer contention is that a civilization doomsday will happen within the next 12 years because of climate change. The principal foundation of their alarmist catastrophic scenarios is […]

UK Daily Telegraph Editorial: It’s No Conspiracy Against Climate Science To Say We Must Adapt To Changing Weather Editorial, The Daily Telegraph Age-old methods of controlling our environment need to be retained One consequence of climate change is a requirement to adapt in order to survive. If there are to be more floods or fires then people need to mitigate their impact or even prevent their happening. It is not to dispute […]

Climate Alarmists Winning the War of Words, Despite Evidence that Nothing Unusual is Happening Opinion By Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris Thanks largely to Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders and 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, “existential’ was selected as the word of the year by The on-line dictionary describes the phenomenon as follows: Searches for existential spiked throughout 2019, especially after politicians used the word to characterize the dangers and […]