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Report: Russia Collusion: Kremlin Funds Anti-American Activism at UN

The New American Video MADRID — In an apparent effort to hamper American energy and boost Russian fossil fuels, the Kremlin has been pouring money into “green” groups and “climate change” activists. At the United Nations “COP25” summit in Spain this week, The New American magazine’s foreign correspondent Alex Newman went looking for answers. One […]

At UN Summit, America and Capitalism — Not CO2 — Are Enemy #1 by Alex Newman MADRID — Throughout the United Nations COP25 “Climate” summit in Spain, America, the GOP, and President Donald Trump — not carbon dioxide or even “climate change” — were public enemy number one. Indeed, the U.S. government, the American people, their elected officials, and what remains of the free-market system that ushered […]

Climate Change Fueled Witch Hunts…Then And Now – ‘Witches were thought to be responsible for epidemics and crop failures’ during the Little Ice Age By Gregory Wrightstone Donald Trump has lately railed about “witch hunts” by Democrats attempting to remove him from office. Did you know that the real witch hunts of the Late Middle Ages were driven by climate change? The European witch hunts of the 15th to 17th centuries targeted witches that were thought to be […]

Debate Moderator Pushes Relocating Whole Cities from Climate Change – ‘Will have made certain places in the U.S. unlivable’ By Nicholas Fondacaro | December 20, 2019 12:12 AM EST Thursday’s Democratic debate hosted by PBS and Politico was a rather dull affair, but one question regarding climate change from Politico chief political correspondent Tim Alberta stood out as particularly nutty by any reasonable standard. In back-to-back questions, he presses candidates on their plans to pick […]

Trump White House may mandate ‘that all federally funded research be immediately available to the public upon publication’ Trump might help free science that’s locked behind paywalls Reportedly, the White House may issue an executive order on federally funded research. Publishers aren’t happy. By Brian Resnick and Julia Belluz The Trump administration may actually make it easier to read academic papers, but publishers are pushing back. Annette Elizabeth Allen for Vox The Trump […]