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Report: Russia Collusion: Kremlin Funds Anti-American Activism at UN

MADRID — In an apparent effort to hamper American energy and boost Russian fossil fuels, the Kremlin has been pouring money into “green” groups and “climate change” activists. At the United Nations “COP25” summit in Spain this week, The New American magazine’s foreign correspondent Alex Newman went looking for answers. One of the powerful forces at the UNFCCC climate conference was the Climate Action Network (CAN), a powerful alliance of “Green” organizations. This group spent most of the conference demonizing the United States, President Trump, and American energy. It turns out there is more than meets the eye, though. CAN’s largest donor has been, the Sea Change Foundation. According to investigations by the U.S. Congress, however, the Sea Change Foundation has been getting money from the Kremlin via a shadowy shell corporation in Bermuda called “Klein Ltd.” Lawmakers said the Putin regime’s goal was to boost Russia’s government-controlled energy sector, which produces about 50% of its exports, at the expense of the West. We tried to find out what was going on, but as you’ll see, nobody wanted to talk.