‘I get so worked up I can’t sleep’ – Jane Fonda Slams GOP, Praises Green New Deal in Press Club Speech – Laments what ‘the fossil fuel industry has done to us’

https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/12/18/jane-fonda-slams-gop-praises-green-new-deal-in-press-club-speech/ By WARNER TODD HUSTON Left-wing activist and actress Jane Fonda delivered a speech Tuesday slamming Republicans, praising the Green New Deal, and denouncing the energy industry for destroying the earth. The climate change activist appeared before the National Press Club in Washington for an hour-long speech and Q&A session in which she advocated for […]

Bloomberg just lost the state lawsuit against Exxon he’s been funding

https://junkscience.com/2019/12/bloomberg-just-lost-the-state-lawsuit-against-exxon-hes-been-funding/ By Steve Milloy Milloy’s op-ed today at WashingtonExaminer.com. A federal judge just dismissed, with prejudice, the New York attorney general’s lawsuit against oil giant ExxonMobil. Like the Trump impeachment saga, it’s been quite a circus with the public spectacle distracting from the behind-the-scenes skullduggery. The New York attorney general had alleged that ExxonMobil misled shareholders […]

Hottest ever day in Australia — especially if you ignore history

http://joannenova.com.au/2019/12/hottest-ever-day-in-australia-especially-if-you-ignore-history/ By Jo Nova Tuesday was Australia’s hottest day on record sayth the Bureau of Meteorology. And perhaps it was. But look at the temperatures reported in newspapers across the country during the month of January in 1896 when people were going mad with axes, dropping dead in coaches and railway stations and birds were […]

Copenhagen climate pact –10 Years On & ‘little has really changed’

https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2019/12/18/copenhagen-10-years-on/ By Paul Homewood It’s the tenth anniversary of the Copenhagen Climate Accord, so let’s reflect on how things have progressed since. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2009/dec/18/copenhagen-deal Emissions First, what the summit was supposedly all about, carbon dioxide emissions: BP Energy Review These have increased by 26% in the last ten years, and show no sign of peaking. Meanwhile, […]

Climate Agenda Off the Rails at American Geophysical Union: Speaker warns of ‘the genocidal systems of white supremacy, fascism, nationalism, colonialism, neoliberalism, & capitalism’

https://www.masterresource.org/climate-exaggeration/climate-feminism-agenda/ By Robert Bradley Jr. The lecture reprinted below, “Mediocre Careerism, Respectability Politics, and Bad Behavior by Senior Scientists Erode Global Climate Leadership,” was given last week at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Sarah Myhre‘s session title was titled “Is environmental science serving or failing society?” Her remarks follow without comment. “… effective action on climate change […]

Scientists at CO2 Coalition Issue Media Memo to Correct Horrendous Climate Reporting: CO2 is not a ‘pollutant’ but an essential plant food

http://co2coalition.org/2019/12/17/co2-coalition-corrects-the-record-on-how-to-report-on-climate-science/ CO2 Coalition Corrects the Record on How to Report on Climate Science Memo Highlights 13 Misleading Phrases About Industrial Warming Gasses and Policies to Slow Their Increase Arlington, VA – The CO2 Coalition today issued a memo to the media correcting the record on how they cover stories related to climate science in an […]

TOTAL VICTORY: EPA science advisers trash EPA staff assessment of PM2.5 ‘science’

https://junkscience.com/2019/12/total-victory-epa-science-advisers-trash-epa-staff-assessment-of-pm2-5-science/ By Steve Milloy EPA’s science advisory panel for air quality, the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), has now officially trashed all the scary claims the agency has been making for the past 25 years about PM2.5 in outdoor air. The letter was transmitted to Administrator Andrew Wheeler yesterday. The future significance is that […]

The business of climate change: ‘Saving the planet takes money, and lots of it…a vast river of cash flows through the UN climate process’

https://www.cfact.org/2019/12/15/cop-25-the-business-of-climate-change/ By Rupert Darwall Saving the planet takes money, and lots of it. Money is both the theme and the subtext of the latest round of UN climate talks being held here—a vast river of cash flows through the UN climate process. Formally, the meeting is about nailing down one of the more obscure provisions […]