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Warmist analysis: Kid activist vs. political & celebrities – John Kerry and the climate kids: a tale of 2 new strategies to ‘fight climate change’

By David Roberts

Thus far, America’s efforts to address climate change have been woefully inadequate. That much is clear to just about everyone. But there is not as much consensus on exactly why that is, and what might change it. I was thinking about this as two bits of news appeared last week.

The first was that the Sunrise Movement, the organization responsible for much of the grassroots energy around climate change on the left, is expanding its on-the-ground presence, opening 10 new field offices. They will seek to organize and turn out the youth vote in the next election, not just at the presidential level but in support of state- and city-level elements of the Green New Deal.

The second is that John Kerry has put his substantial rolodex to work to enlist a large group of political and celebrity associates to launch a new initiative called World War Zero, aiming to “mobilize Americans and citizens everywhere to tackle climate change and pollution.” It will kick off with a “major social media campaign and an initial six-figure print and digital advertising buy,” along with a series of town halls across the country to engage people and raise awareness.