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UN Climate Summit in Madrid: Climate radicals push for control – ‘Hysterics want impossible actions, stuff that cannot happen’

By Craig Rucker

Representatives around the world are meeting in Madrid to expand the UN climate regime under the Paris Climate Accord.

Climate bureaucrats move at a glacial place and speak a language all their own.  Bloomberg posted a useful glossary.

For Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace, Greta Thunberg and the rest of the radical wing of the global warming campaign, the official negotiators aren’t going nearly fast or far enough.  They plan a march through Madrid tomorrow to put the pressure on.

David Wojick analyzed the division at

The climate alarmism movement is tearing itself into two camps.  They are not yet warring camps but after Madrid they well may be. COP 25 is real negotiations, by real countries, over real issues. The issues are stupid, but still real, because they can lead to really stupid national actions. This I call the moderate camp of alarmists. The hysterics want impossible actions, stuff that cannot happen, which sets them against the moderates.

One big push this year is for the creation of a world carbon market.  This is a golden opportunity for people looking to cash in on climate cash, but not exactly the “stop civilization dead in its tracks” kind of thing demonstrators are looking for.  A South African delegate told the organizers of the COP, “thank you for being insane enough to take this on again.”

Other nations have long found a way to cash in on the Left’s notions of climate “justice.”  They call it “common but differentiated responsibility” or CBDR for short.  The head of India’s climate negotiating team,  Ravi Shankar Prasad told the COP “Equity and common, but differentiated responsibility, have become buzzwords. Unfortunately, there is a lot of lip service.”   Translation: Shut down manufacturing in the West.  In China and India we’ll go on building coal plants as fast as our economies will allow.  We’ll manufacture the goods you can’t afford to and send them over.

One of the most dangerous concepts being pushed at the COP is what the UN calls “loss and damage.”  This would require developed nations to compensate poor countries that are hit by bad weather.  That the weather is natural, and not remotely your fault, doesn’t enter into it.  In fact, the wealth free markets have bestowed on developed nations is what enables us to come to the aid of nations in need, which we do out of kindness, not fault.

This year the Left has taken things a big step further and are demanding climate “reparations.”  This is a term they appropriated from those demanding reparations for the descendants of slavery.  Promises of endless cash are how the UN got poor countries to sign onto the Paris Accord to begin with.  CFACT is prepared to provide the facts that show that freedom and prosperity are boons to the world’s poor.  Zero reparations are due.

The climate porn industry goes on hyping natural weather as climate change.  They kick into overdrive when the UN climate talks are in session.  Watch for extra weather scare stories over the next week or so.  Remember that anything to worry about in the world of climate is found only in future projections from climate computer models.  Today’s weather is historically normal.  Remember also that computer models consistently over project warming.

What to do when the weather’s normal and real-world observations of world temperature don’t fit the computer models?

Substitute raw emotion.

That’s where Greta and her friends come in.