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Full Report here: @RossMcKitrick and I have written up reflections on Climategate 10 years later, focusing on the myths promulgated by climate academic community. Take a look. — Stephen McIntyre (@ClimateAudit) December 5, 2019 2/ Climategate contains important lessons on how institutions evade responsibility through sly and carefully restrictive terms of reference, unrepresentative inquiry […]

Can we go back to the pre-fossil fuel era? By Ronald Stein |December 1st, 2019|Climate, Energy|56 Comments Seems like an easy yes or no answer, but there are numerous financial costs and social change ramifications of going Green that make the answer weighty. If everyone can recall history, the worlds already experienced life without fossil fuels just a few short centuries ago. We never had the […]

‘When’ vs. ‘if’ vs. ‘could’ – Green guru Shellenberger rips ‘curious’ verb tenses in journal Nature study warning of ‘global cascade’ of tipping points Time Mag’s ‘Hero of the Environment’ Michael Shellenberger: Excerpt: Last week, a group of scientists including Rockström argued in an opinion “Comment” at the journal Nature that “evidence is mounting” that the loss of the Amazon rainforest and West Antarctic ice sheet “could be more likely than was thought.” What they described, however, would take place […]

Environmental Guru Shellenberger laments: ‘Why Climate Alarmism Hurts Us All’ – ‘There is simply no science that supports claims that rising sea levels threaten civilization much less the apocalypse’ By Michael Shellenberger In July of this year, one of Lauren Jeffrey’s science teachers made an off-hand comment about how climate change could be apocalyptic. Jeffrey is 17 years old and attends high school in Milton Keynes, a city of 230,000 people about 50 miles northwest of London. “I did research on it and […]

Update On New York’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crunch By Francis Menton As I have noted many times before, this whole green energy thing is all just so much talk until the point hits where energy shortages start to emerge or consumer prices begin to soar. At that point, the people will notice. And then, how will the politics shift? Will the politicians […]

Revolt Brewing Against EU’s ‘Unrealistic’ Climate Goals EurActiv Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has threatened to veto Europe’s goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050, adding his voice to a growing chorus of discontent as EU leaders prepare for heated climate discussions at a summit in Brussels next week. In a letter to European Commission President […]

Self-Declared Climate ‘Global Leader’ Mike Bloomberg Enjoys His Own Fleet of Private Jets, Helicopters By JOHN BINDER Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, worth an estimated $54 billion, enjoys his own fleet of private jets and helicopters stationed in New Jersey while describing himself as a “global leader” on the environment and climate change. Bloomberg, who has pledged to end the American coal industry, has for years flown around the world to his […]

PBS claims Fox News Is ‘Helping to Destroy the Planet’ By Tim Graham | December 5, 2019 8:17 AM EST   The website of taxpayer-subsidized Boston PBS superstation WGBH posted a commentary by local professor Dan Kennedy on December 3 provocatively titled “How Fox News Is Helping Destroy the Planet.” Kennedy writes a column weekly for and is a panelist on their local show Beat the Press. He began: “Want […]

Mad Eco-Grinch: School Bans Children From Sending Christmas Cards To Protect The Climate Sky News The headteacher of the primary school says the tradition is bad for the environment. A primary school headteacher has been branded a “grinch” after banning pupils from sending Christmas cards. Jonathan Mason, head of Belton Lane Primary School in Grantham, Lincolnshire, said the tradition was bad for the environment. However, parents said […]