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The UN IPCC contradicts the ‘Climate Emergency’ By David Wojick Here is a recent screaming statement of the supposed climate change emergency: “Trump’s greatest dereliction of duty – – his disgraceful denial of climate change” in the Washington Post. This alarmist diatribe says: “At a time when the international scientific community has concluded that we have 11 years to avert […]

Living-in-the-moment mentality and climate crisis concerns By Dr Charles Battig One seemingly irresistible charm of modern technology is that it makes so many things instantly available. Why irresistible? Because it resonates with the inner infant child who has never fully matured, yearns to “have it now,” and throws a temper tantrum if denied the latest want. Delayed gratification is so irritating. Growling Greta provided […]

The Climate change money machine By Jay Lehr For far too long the public has been deluded into believing that groups whose titles indicate their efforts to protect our environment are the Davids in a battle with the Goliath industrial complex of our nation. They tell a story of protecting our air, our water, our forests and our wild […]

Time Mag: ‘Terrified of Climate Change? You Might Have Eco-Anxiety’ BY CIARA NUGENT  NOVEMBER 21, 2019 Under the bright white lights of a central London exhibition space, a few dozen people are sorting themselves into groups. An instructor tells those that feel extremely worried about climate change to go to the far end of the room. Those that are less worried should stay closer to […]

Vice Climate Alert: ‘The Collapse of Civilization May Have Already Begun’ Guest essay by Eric Worrall As the photo above shows, it may already be too late to save our civilization from the horror of global warming induced hot weather and a rising sea level. The Collapse of Civilization May Have Already Begun Scientists disagree on the timeline of collapse and whether it’s imminent. But […]

Bernie Sanders: Scientists Say We Have ‘Eight or Nine Years’ Before Cities Are Underwater Due to Climate Change By IAN HANCHETT During Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that scientists are saying that “if we don’t get our act together within the next eight or nine years,” major cities will go underwater because of climate change. Sanders said, “We don’t have decades. What the scientists are […]

Claim: ‘You can blame global warming for Burger King’s zesty sauce shortage’ – ‘Horseradish shortage’ linked to ‘early snowfall…unexpected cold’ By Aimee Levitt There is a global horseradish shortage on, but nobody seemed to care until Burger King started running out of its Zesty Onion Ring Dipping Sauce. Now people care a lot, Business Insider reports. They have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure. They have vowed not to return to BK again until the […]

Extinction Rebellion climate activists arrested in Pelosi’s office Posted by Kane on November 22, 2019 12:50 pm Categories: Breaking Climate Goblins Arrested in Nancy Pelosi’s Office – Extinction Rebellion   Nine activists with Extinction Rebellion Washington DC were immediately arrested this afternoon after barging into a back section of Nancy Pelosi’s office to demand a meeting to discuss climate change.   “We entered into the […]

The Silly Notion of ‘Speed Limits for Ships’ to combat ‘global warming’

The Silly Notion of “Speed Limits for Ships” By Steve Goreham Originally published in TheT&D. Occasionally a report appears which claims to be wisdom, but after careful analysis, offers solutions that don’t make much sense. Such a report was issued earlier this month by United Kingdom consulting firm GL Reynolds, titled “The multi-issue mitigation potential of […]