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‘RANK HYPOCRISY’ Piers Morgan blasts Extinction Rebellion founder for not ‘practicing what you preach’ taking chauffeured car to studio

By Thomas Burrows

PIERS Morgan accused an Extinction Rebellion co-founder of “rank hypocrisy” and not “practising what you preach” in a fiery TV debate on GMB.

The broadcaster blasted Skeena Rathor and told her to “start with action in your own four walls” after she refused to admit whether she owned a TV.

 Piers Morgan accused the Extinction Rebellion co-founder of not 'practising what you preach'

Piers Morgan accused the Extinction Rebellion co-founder of not ‘practising what you preach’Credit: Rex Features

Rathor, 42, a Labour councillor from Stroud, hit the headlines in April when she glued herself to Jeremy Corbyn’s garden wall during an Extinction Rebellion protest.

Challenging her on Good Morning Britain today Morgan asked the protester: “”How did you get here this morning?”

She replied saying: “Your [GMB] car picked me up”.

He shot back: “The truth is in your own life, with your own kids that you profess to be so concerned about, they all have computers, televisions, air conditioning.

“They have cars that drive them around. You don’t practise what you preach”.

Rallying about Extinction Rebellion, Morgan continued: “These people don’t practise what they preach.

They sneak off to McDonald’s, they have diesel-powered generators, they all get their cars around…they all basically lead completely hypocritical lives.

“If you genuinely believe the planet is about to end, start with your own carbon footprint. Otherwise you become the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of this debate which is you do one thing and say another”.

Struggling to get a word in, Rathor said: “It’s a systems-wide issue… it’s about our government telling the truth. Every individual voice matters.

“It’s not about individual carbon footprint, it’s about a systems wide issue. Unless you live in a wood completely as a recluse, you are going to be part of this system.

“To raise the alarm I have to be part of this system”.