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Watch: Morano on TV at Greta’s White House climate protest: Trump administration needs to ‘push back’ against Greta Thunberg & kid school strikes


Blame Greta Thunberg’s popularity on… Trump? Climate sceptic tells conservatives to “push back” harder.

Marc Morano of was in Washington, DC to witness teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg’s rally in the nation’s capital. The turnout wasn’t spectacular, but Morano says that’s not an indication of her popularity or influence.

The fact is, Thunberg has the attention of the UN and is welcomed in the halls of power around the world, including right here in Washington. Morano says it is a shame that few on the right, including the outspoken President Trump, have bought into the left’s line that Thunberg is “just a child” and therefore above criticism.

Morano says that the Trump administration has been disappointing so far in its wishy washy approach to challenging the “green” agenda.


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