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Watch: Morano on TV at Greta’s White House climate protest: Trump administration needs to ‘push back’ against Greta Thunberg & kid school strikes By DAVID MENZIES Blame Greta Thunberg’s popularity on… Trump? Climate sceptic tells conservatives to “push back” harder. Marc Morano of was in Washington, DC to witness teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg’s rally in the nation’s capital. The turnout wasn’t spectacular, but Morano says that’s not an indication of her popularity or influence. The fact is, Thunberg has the attention […]

‘Climate Anxiety’ Groups Are the New Self-Care By Julia Arciga There were dance parties, DJ sets, drum classes and tutu-making workshops. Still, despite the buoyant mood it wasn’t just another festival tailor-made for glossy Instagram photos. Instead, Catharsis on the Mall, which was inspired by Burning Man and took place on the National Mall in May, had a different aim— healing. Not […]

The Greta Effect: Majority of teens fear climate change according to new U.S. poll – ‘Everybody’s gonna die’ Some 57% of American teens say they fear climate change, and 52% are angry about it, according to a Washington Post and Kaiser Foundation national survey. The Post said a majority of respondents, many of whom will reach voting age by 2020, are motivated to channel their anxieties into activism. “Fear is a commodity we […]

Climate strikes: NYC lets 1.1 Million students skip school for protest Via Axios: Students outside the United Nations during a climate change protest in New York on Sept. 6. Photo: Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images School districts are debating what position to take after New York City announced that 1.1 million public school students could skip classes without penalties to join the global youth climate strikes […]