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Buttigieg Explains Why He Flies Private Despite Climate Action Message: ‘This is a Very Big Country’ BY NICHOLAS BALLASY SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic presidential candidate, said he flies on private jets despite advocating for action on climate change because the U.S. is a “very big country.” CNN’s Chris Cuomo told Buttigieg, “Your second quarter filing says your campaign spent about $300,000 on private flying. […]

‘Climate crisis’ media coverage raises alarm about journalistic objectivity – Morano: The media will ‘keep up more of the same crappy reporting’ Nearly 200 news outlets vow to increase coverage Excerpt: “This latest attempt basically says, ‘Keep up more of the same crappy reporting,’” said Mr. Morano. “No dissent. No debate. Let’s promote the UN line, let’s promote the UN claims, let’s promote the idea that the government can control the climate.” By Valerie Richardson – […]

Climate Crazies: CNN Pushes for Global Eugenics, Trillions in Spending, No Beef CNN’s 10 back-to-back “climate crisis” town halls with 2020 Democrats were every bit a sideshow one could expect them to be. But there a few moments, Wednesday night, that stood out as particularly off the rails. Between advocating for global abortions, $16 trillion in new government spending, and insidious proposals to manipulate what you […]

Eye Roll: CNN’s Blitzer Opens Town Halls by Blaming Climate Change for Hurricane Dorian Well, you knew this one was coming. A mere 63 seconds past 5:00 p.m. Eastern and the start of CNN’s seven-hours of town halls on “The Climate Crisis,” Situation Room host and supposedly revered journalist Wolf Blitzer opened this monstrosity of an event by falsely blaming Hurricane Dorian’s entire existence and destruction on climate […]

CNN Hypes, Takes Credit for ‘Climate Crisis’ Town Hall On Wednesday’s New Day, CNN host Alisyn Camerota and chief climate correspondent Bill Weir previewed their whopping seven-hour town hall forum for Democratic presidential candidates to discuss what the two described as the “climate crisis” and what to do about it. After admitting he is “biased” on the issue, Weir declared that that even […]

Bernie Suggests Funding Abortions In ‘Poor Countries’ To Fight Climate Change JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images By RYAN SAAVEDRA @REALSAAVEDRA Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suggested that taxpayers should fund abortions in poor countries during a CNN town hall debate on Wednesday night in response to whether he supports population control. Martha Readyoff, identified by CNN as a teacher, said to Sanders: “Human population growth has more […]

WATCH: Biden Blames Climate Change For Darfur Genocide, Cancer Anthony Lanzilote/Bloombergg via Getty Images By RYAN SAAVEDRA @REALSAAVEDRA September 4, 2019 689 views Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden suggested without evidence that climate change was responsible for the Darfur genocide and for cancer on Wednesday night during a CNN town hall event. Unmute Pause Loaded: 0% Duration 1:05 Fullscreen Watch: Sikh MP Tells […]