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Five CNN Hosts Spend Six Hours Blaming Climate Change for Hurricane Dorian at Dem Forum

As is usually the case with CNN, hosts are reduced to no more than puppets in Jeffrey Zucker’s play, willfully reading from nearly identical scripts as they peddle their daily doses of venom for not only President Trump, but anyone who stands in the way of their far-left, anti-gun, pro-abortion, and pro-Green New Deal vision (to name a few policies).

So for seven hours on Wednesday, CNN’s primetime hosts (Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon) began each of the ten 2020 Democratic presidential “climate crisis” town halls by asserting that Hurricane Dorian existed because of climate change. They were assisted with periodical Dorian updates from CNN’s Jennifer Gray.



Blitzer kicked things off before town halls with Julian Castro and Andrew Yang by alluding to Dorian providing “firsthand…effects of climate change” and an example of “extreme weather events” birthed by climate change. For more on Blitzer, check out the NewsBusters post here.

Erin Burnett arrived next to interview Senator Kamala Harris. Before bringing out the California Democrat and soon after, Burnett twice warned about Dorian stemming from the planet warming (click “expand”):

Burnett’s other candidate was Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN), but before that, Burnett hyped that the town halls were airing “on the heels of the deadly Hurricane Dorian, which is leaving neighborhoods underwater in the Bahamas, utter devastation.”

After a forecast from Gray, Burnett added that Dorian “is just…one sign of that dangerous world that scientists say we are entering if humans do not cut carbon pollution and cut it quickly.”

The robotics show continued with AC360‘s Anderson Cooper, who warned of “[f]looded coastal cities and island nations underwater” if America didn’t enact massive proposals (read: the Green New Deal). He asserted before bloodied eyed Joe Biden’s block, Cooper warned that Dorian was “the strongest storm anywhere on the planet this year has decimated parts of the Bahamas and is threatening the east coast.”

And before Bernie Sanders’s 40 minutes, Cooper reiterated that the conversation occurred “just as Hurricane Dorian is threatening the east coast after devastating the Bahamas.”

Next came Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, who stuck to script (click “expand”):

But before South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Cuomo upped the hysteria (click “expand”):

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon closed out with f-bomb fan Beto O’Rourke and Senator Cory Booker (NJ). Prior to bringing out O’Rourke, Lemon lectured viewers about the temperature increases (like his colleagues did) causing lasting damage such as “Hurricane Dorian and its potentially life-threatening storm surge.”

“You know, scientists have partly blamed human-induced climate change for the intensity of these storms that are hitting our coastal states,” he stated.

Thankfully, Lemon ended the Dorian references at the start of Booker’s town hall:

You know, scientists say that humans only have 11 more years to avoid the catastrophic consequences of this crisis. Food shortages, rising sea levels, more extreme weather events like Hurricane Dorian, which is churning toward the Carolinas as we speak.

To see the relevant transcripts from the CNN town halls on September 4, click “expand.”