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Ocasio-Cortez Unveils ‘Green New Deal Art Series,’ ‘Updating’ FDR’s 5,300-Artist ‘Federal One’ Project

By Craig Bannister | August 30, 2019 | 5:04 PM EDT

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
(Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

“Surprise! I am thrilled to announce the launch of our #GreenNewDeal art series with custom Bronx & Queens GND posters,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote Friday in the first of a series of tweets debuting her latest New Green New Deal (GND) promotion.

In follow-up posts, Ocasio-Cortez announced that one rendition of the poster will be given away free to the first 250 people to attend her Green New Deal event on Saturday:

“The Bronx edition poster will be given for free as a limited release to the public at our Pelham Bay Nature Day & Backpack Giveaway in the Bronx tomorrow.”


“Bronx & Queens art is where we’re starting, but we aspire to release custom #GreenNewDeal art for local communities across America. We are also working on a line of GND reusables! The first 250 prints will be released at Family Nature Day tomorrow, where we’re doing park tours”

The artwork is designed to inspire Americans to “imagine our future with a Green New Deal,” just as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did by employing 5,300 artists to “envision” his plans for the country, Ocasio-Cortez explains – providing photos of one of FDR’s posters and one of hers “updating” his:

“These posters push us to imagine our future with a Green New Deal in two of our beloved NY-14 parks: Pelham Bay & Flushing Meadows. All our #GND posters are made in the US, union-printed & will be available for purchase soon, but available at organizing events now.”


“Our #GreenNewDeal posters are inspired by the original New Deal, updated for our future. During the New Deal, FDR launched Federal One, a US project that employed 5,300 artists that created & taught art to envision America’s future. Left, #TeamAOC; right, original US New Deal”


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