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New UN ‘prediction’ report timed to NYC UN summit, ‘IPCC draft report to call for radical action to tackle environmental disaster’ – Claims ‘rising sea levels & catastrophic storm surges could displace 280m people’

UN IPCC draft report ‘to call for radical action to tackle environmental disaster.’  –

Excerpt: “The damage caused by catastrophic “superstorms” combined with rising sea levels could increase by a hundred-fold or more, displacing hundreds of millions of people from coastlines around the world unless more is done to limit greenhouse gas emissions, according to a draft report by the United Nations.”


Climate Depot note: “When current reality fails to alarm, make scarier and scarier predictions of the future. The UN is timing these latest “predictions” to the NYC UN summit featuring teen activist Greta Thunberg.”

Reality Check: Sea level expert Geologist Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner ridiculed the claim in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth that Florida would be half covered by rising seas. “These are models. They are doing it wrongly, and this is lobbying. Geologic facts are on one side, lobbying and models are on the other side.” Morner added, “The rapid rise in sea levels predicted by computer models simply cannot happen.” …

Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook: “If you look at the total global sea level from about 1850 until the present time it’s been rising at a fairly constant rate, rather slow—about 7 inches a century…. It’s about 1 to 2 mm a year so if you’re 50 years old you experienced a sea level rise about 3 ½ inches and you probably didn’t even notice it,”

Former NASA Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: “Sea level rise, which was occurring long before humans could be blamed, has not accelerated and still amounts to only 1 inch every 10 years.” … Spencer on Miami flooding: “That flooding is mostly a combination of (1) natural sea level rise (I show there has been no acceleration of sea level rise beyond what was already happening since the 1800s), and (2) satellite-measured sinking of the reclaimed swamps that have been built upon for over 100 years in Miami Beach.”

U. Penn Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack explains, “At the present rate of sea-level rise it’s going to take 3,500 years to get up there [to Gore’s predicted rise of 20 feet]. So if for some reason this warming process that melts ice is cutting loose and accelerating, sea level doesn’t know it. And sea level, we think, is the best indicator of global warming.”