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Awesome! U.S. Navy Shut Down Climate Change Task Force established by Obama By Michael W. Chapman | August 27, 2019 | 1:16 PM EDT The U.S. Navy shut down its Task Force Climate Change (TFCC), which was established by President Barack Obama in 2009, reported E&E News’ Greenwire. The closure was quiet and occurred in March, according to Greenwire, and “the group’s tab on the Navy’s […]

We’re Saved! Climate Activist Greta Thunberg, 16, Arrives in New York After Sailing Across the Atlantic – Set to push for ‘quick action to save the planet’ By Tara Law Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York City on Wednesday after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to call attention to the need for quick action to save the planet. Thunberg, a 16-year-old from Sweden, embarked in the racing sailboat Malizia II from Plymouth in the United Kingdom two weeks ago on the trip to the […]

Ocasio-Cortez: Climate Change Threatens to Unleash Glacier Diseases ‘Frozen for Thousands of Years’ By Craig Bannister | August 28, 2019 | 3:39 PM EDT Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Screenshot) Melting glaciers threaten to release diseases “that are thousands of years old,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) cautions in an Instagram video warning of the dangers of climate change. “They going to get into our water” – and mankind is going […]

Enviro Shellenberger: How The EU, Greenpeace, And Celebrities Worsen Fires And Deforestation By Dehumanizing The Amazon

  Germany: – replaced its forests with farms & ranches– emits 4x more CO2 per cap – condemns Brazil, hypocritically This is the story of how the EU, Greenpeace & celebrities worsened the fires & deforestation by dehumanizing the Amazon Please share! — Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) August 28, 2019 In 2016, the Brazilian model […]

Doesn’t he believe ‘the science’?! Climate Change’ Could Leave Obama’s Possible New Mansion Underwater, According To Researchers Funded By Obama Admin By PETER HASSON Former President Barack Obama’s possible new mansion on Martha’s Vineyard could be totally underwater by the year 2100, according to a climate change model relying on government data. The Obamas are reportedly in the process of buying the island property, which was originally listed at listed at $14,850,000, from Boston Celtics owner […]

‘Renegade Republican’ Mitt Romney Comes Out in Favor of Carbon Taxes By Shane Trejo Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who claims he is no longer is apart of the Republican Party establishment in the age of Donald Trump, is demonstrating his new “renegade” status by pushing for carbon taxes to cripple the U.S. economy. The AP reported: Romney said that he believes climate change is happening and human […]