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Wash Post shoddy Amazon fire reporting: Resorts to anecdotal ‘memories’ instead of actual scientific data: ‘I cannot remember any other big fire’ & the highest ‘I have ever seen’

The Washington Post is relying on an old tried and true reporting trick to obscure scientific reality. Instead of showing the actual scientific data that reveals their entire story narrative is fraudulent, the paper’s report Terrence McCoy, resorts to featuring two quotes in his front-page article of his cited “experts” using personal anecdotal recollection of how big the fires are.

August 22, 2019: 

WaPo Key Excerpts: “I cannot remember any other big fire episode like this one,” said Vitor Gomes, an environmental scientist at the Federal University of Para.

Ricardo Mello, head of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Amazon program, struggled to find the words to describe his pessimism on Thursday.

“It’s historically — this is highest number [of fires] I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Climate Depot Note: You don’t have to  “have seen or “remember” past fires based on one or two peoples limited memory and exposure. We have actual scientific data to show us what is happening and the data does not support these false “memories” that the Post cites twice in their feature article.

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NYT tamps down hysteria: ‘Much of the land that is burning was not old-growth rain forest, but land that had already been cleared of trees and set for agricultural use’

The article goes on to reveal why the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets are so willing to distort science and bash Brazil.

WaPo excerpt: “Brazil’s climate change denial is isolating the country,” said Mauricio Santoro, a professor of international relations at Rio de Janeiro’s state university. “It is a theme of the global agenda, and Brazil plays a central role, whether it wants to or not, because of the Amazon, because of its biodiversity.” And because of what’s happening now.



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