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CLAIM: ‘Climate Change Becoming a Deadly Part of White Nationalism’ – Identity politics invades climate change debate How Climate Change Is Becoming a Deadly Part of White Nationalism By Brian Kahn Excerpt: This weekend’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, has re-opened the festering debates over gun control, immigration, and the president’s penchant for racist hate speech. But the manifesto believed to have been authored by the suspected shooter also reveals […]

AccuWeather Founder/CEO: ‘No evidence so far that extreme heat waves are becoming more common because of climate change’ – ’26 of 50 states set their all-time high temp records during 1930s’ By Dr. Joel N. Myers, AccuWeather Founder and CEO A story came to my attention recently that merited comment. It appeared in London’s The Telegraph, and was headlined, “Give heat waves names so people take them more seriously, say experts, as Britain braces for hottest day.” The story’s leaping-off point was a press release from […]

Expensive Especially For Home Owners! Wind Turbines Can Decrease Property Values By Up To 23%, German Study Finds Wind energy is not only an eyesore in the middle of what is often times an idyllic landscape and an unreliable source of power, but it is also expensive – especially if you are a homeowner nearby a wind park a German study has found. ============================================= Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne Industrial turbines knock down property […]

Inconvenient Study: Sea level rise likely not to drown low-lying Pacific atolls By H. Sterling Burnett A new study published in Geology, the journal of the Geological Society of America, indicates even if seas continue to rise, low-lying islands and atolls, such as Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu and are likely to adapt to the rising seas rather than sink beneath them, contrary to climate model projections. Lead […]

Is Capitalism Bad For The Environment? Is Capitalism Bad For The Environment? By Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris For decades now, Green Parties in Scandinavia and Western Europe have argued that, although capitalism lifts people out of poverty, it should be replaced with socialism, which they claim is more likely to protect the environment. Convincing evidence that this is […]

Let Them Eat Cake: Germany Plans To Make Eating Meat Expensive To ‘Protect The Climate’ – Hike Meat Tax Let Them Eat Cake: Germany Plans To Make Eating Meat Expensive To ‘Protect The Climate’ The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by bennypeiser / Meat is relatively cheap for consumers in Germany. But that could all be about to change as lawmakers from across the political spectrum back proposals aimed at climate protection […]