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‘Greenland heatwave scam’: WaPo & McKibben claim ‘Greenland’s heat wave…highest ever recorded’ – CORRECTION: This is NONSENSE! ‘Nothing remotely unusual about these temperatures’

Greenland Ice sheet Meltdown Scare–Except It’s Not True

By Paul Homewood

The Washington Post has joined in the Greenland heatwave scam:


The same heat dome that roasted Europe and broke national temperature records in five countries last week has shifted to Greenland, where it is causing one of the biggest melt events ever observed on the fragile ice sheet.

By some measures, the ice melt is more extreme than during a benchmark record event in July 2012, according to scientists analyzing the latest data. During that event, about 98 percent of the ice sheet experienced some surface melting, speeding up the process of shedding ice into the ocean.

The fate of Greenland’s ice sheet is of critical importance to every coastal resident in the world, since Greenland is already the biggest contributor to modern-day sea level rise. The pace and extent of Greenland ice melt will help determine how high sea levels climb and how quickly….

The Danish Meteorological Institute tweeted that more than half the ice sheet experienced some degree of melting on Tuesday, according to a computer model simulation, which made it the “highest this year by some distance.”

But the peak of this melt event is likely still to come Wednesday or Thursday.


Paul Homewood rebuts:

Meanwhile, back in the real world, temperatures at Nuuk in the west, and Tasiilaq in the east are peaking at 7C and 11C respectively. The warmest spot is further north in Ilulissat, where it will reach 16C today.




But there is nothing remotely unusual about these temperatures:




Indeed, the temperature at Nuuk is actually below average for July:


The ice sheet surface mass balance is running well above that of 2012:


And there is no mention of the fact that the ice sheet grew substantially last year, and also the year before:


The simple fact is that the Greenland ice sheet melts every summer, particularly when the sun shines. Indeed, if it did not it would carry on growing year after year.

Inevitably there are some days when the weather is warmer and sunnier than normal, and others when it is colder. To pick an odd day or two is ridiculous and dishonest scaremongering.

Last year, Scientific American was complaining about Greenland’s lost summer:



The Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post long ago sold their souls to the global warming scam. But shamefully scientists at DMI have also joined the band.