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We’re Saved! Prince Harry gives barefoot speech about climate change at mysterious Google summit Prince Harry has added to the hot air at Google Camp — by giving a barefoot speech at the billionaire summer party in Sicily about the need to save the environment, Page Six has learned. A source said the Duke of Sussex showed up at the super-secret three-day event to give an impassioned lecture about saving nature […]

Google’s celeb-obsessed climate summit in Sicily is a hypocritical joke By Miranda Devine It doesn’t get more hypocritical than A-listers jetting in on private planes to bemoan climate change at Google’s private party in Sicily this week. The Gulfstreams, mega-yachts and gas-guzzling Maserati SUVs used to ferry the wokerati around the seaside Google Camp have been spewing out greenhouse gases at the rate of small […]

‘Greenland heatwave scam’: WaPo & McKibben claim ‘Greenland’s heat wave…highest ever recorded’ – CORRECTION: This is NONSENSE! ‘Nothing remotely unusual about these temperatures’ Greenland Ice sheet Meltdown Scare–Except It’s Not True By Paul Homewood The Washington Post has joined in the Greenland heatwave scam: The same heat dome that roasted Europe and broke national temperature records in five countries last week has shifted to Greenland, where it is causing one of the biggest melt events ever observed on the fragile […]

How many silent skeptics are there at NOAA? Dr. Rex Fleming speaks out after years of working there Dr Rex Fleming has a PhD in Meteorology and spent years at NOAA, as he said involved with climate research from the beginning, and responsible for funding scientists who “pushed” the theory of man-made global warming. He’s written a book called The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change (2019) and has […]