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New modeling study warns of climate doom by 2050! Study seeks to scare public to prompt ‘unified action across all sectors of society’

By Chris Woodward –

A new study claims that, because of man-made global warming, London’s climate will soon resemble that of Barcelona. A critic of the study, however, argues that the researchers’ own words prove there’s a political agenda behind global warming alarmism.

The study – published last week by a university in Switzerland – predicts the changes in London will occur in about 30 years, putting Britain’s largest city at risk of the same kind of severe drought that Barcelona experienced in 2008. Meanwhile, the researchers behind the study think New York will feel like Virginia Beach, and Seattle will seem like San Francisco. (CNN article includes this: “Even though they can’t really predict with high confidence, my guess is the main conditions will concern temperature and water,” said Lo.)

“This is just another modeling study,” explains Marc Morano of Climate Depot. “When current reality fails to alarm, [they just] make scarier and scarier predictions of the future.

“This is all based on models, predictions, scenarios – so they can call it anything they want,” he continues. “These are evergreen studies designed to scare you at will.”

Morano tells OneNewsNow that what he finds most telling about the study in PLOS ONE is the opening sentence of the abstract of the study:

“Combating climate change requires unified action across all sectors of society. However, this collective action is precluded by the ‘consensus gap’ between scientific knowledge and public opinion.”

“So in other words, the scientists and the modelers and the political activists who wrote this … [are admitting in] the very first sentence … how they’re trying to call for political action,” says Morano.

“This is a classic ‘what’s wrong with climate science today’ study specifically engineered, conceived, and executed in order to influence public opinion and seek a political agenda [calling for] – quote – ‘unified climate action’ – unquote.”




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