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Claim: ‘If Everyone Tripped on Psychedelics, We’d Do More About Climate Change’ – ‘In 1960s & 70s, frequent use of psychedelic drugs coincided with widespread environmental movements’ By Shayla Love Jun 27 2019 After taking LSD, Bill stood in his kitchen in Merseyside, England, staring at a large tree. When the tree started to speak to him, Bill only found it strange that the tree didn’t formally introduce itself, he told VICE in 2017. During the rest of their 15 minute chat, the tree […]

Watch: Teen activist Greta Thunberg on her climate worry: ‘When I was 11, I became ill. I fell into depression, I stopped talking, & I stopped eating. In two months, I lost about 10 kilos of weight’

Greta Thunberg at 2018 TED Talk on her climate worry: “If burning fossil fuels was so bad that it threatened our very existence, how could we just continue like before? Why were there no restrictions? Why wasn’t it made illegal? To me, that did not add up. It was too unreal. So when I was […]

New Claim: ‘Climate Despair’ Is Making People Give Up on Life By Mike Pearl; illustrated by Annie Zhao In the summer of 2015—the warmest year on record at the time—it was the literal heat that got to Meg Ruttan Walker, a 37-year-old former teacher in Kitchener, Ontario. “Summers have been stressful to me since having my son,” said Ruttan Walker, who is now an […]

TED Talk ‘flags’ climate skeptic’s talk as ‘not corroborated by scientific evidence’ – Threatens to pull groups’ ‘TEDx license’ for ‘falling outside TEDx’s curatorial guidelines’ My flagged Tedx talk about climate change By Marcel Crok Recently I gave my first TEDx talk during Tedx Roermond. Roermond is a city in the south of The Netherlands. The experience was quite interesting. The motto of Ted is “ideas worth spreading”. Apparently, not all ideas are worth spreading because soon after the […]

Barbra Streisand Flew Her 3 (cloned) Dogs 10,000 Miles to Watch Her Sing in London – Despite warning of ‘Climate Emergency’ Global Warming Alarmist Barbra Streisand Flew Her Dogs 10,000 Miles to Watch Her Sing JEROME HUDSON 10 Jul 20196658 2:16 Barbra Streisand, who regularly rings alarm bells about the looming dangers of global warming in the Trump-era, reportedly flew her dogs around the world to watch her sing at London’s British Summer Time concert. Per Page […]