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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Tom Steyer’s coal hypocrisy – ‘He was for coal before he was against coal’

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Tom Steyer: >> I think the people believe the corporations bought democracy. Politicians don’t care about or respect them. Don’t put them first are not working for them but are actually working for the people who have rigged the my name is Tom Styer, I’m running for president.

Steve Doocy: He is indeed. Is he also a billionaire. He announced yesterday he is officially running for president. Styer has become one of the country’s most visible environmental advocates I have the particulars say his previous career paints a very different picture. What was previous career? With background we have executive editor of climate and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change Marc Morano joins us from D.C. Marc, good morning to you.

Marc Morano: Good morning, Steve. Glad to be here.

Doocy: Okay. So he made his money with hedge funds, Didn’t he?

Morano: Yes, his group was Farallon Capital. And he’s, according to The New York Times, he was invested in companies from Indonesia, Asia, Australia, and essentially became a billionaire as a fossil fuel magnate. He was for coal before he was against coal. And now he’s using the money he made to a swatch his guilt and go after climate change, which he blames, of course, on that which he built his fortune — coal.

Doocy: You know, we were Tom and I are rather, Marc and I were talking during the break. And you said that one of the things that is terrified Democrats is the fact that in the past, Mr. Stier has donated a lot to their campaigns. But if he’s running for president, What does that mean, Marc?

Morano: Well, it means one thing, they’re not terrified of him running or winning the presidency. They’re terrified of him spending his hundred million dollars on himself. And there’s a whole — there’s a hilarious article at the Seattle Times about the Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, other Democrats, they actually are in a panic saying, ‘Please don’t do this. Give the money to us, not yourself, Don’t waste the money on yourself.’ And they actually say, ‘look at Howard Schultz of Starbucks, he went nowhere, you’re going nowhere, spend the money with the Democrats, don’t waste it.’ And It’s a funny thing to see. Because, you know, Tom Snyder has been called a megalomaniac. Of course, I guess most billionaires pie would be called that is going to be is going to be now devoting all that money on himself and the Democrats are terrified.

Doocy: Marc, When when President Obama was the president, What did Tom Steyer do in forming something called the extreme weather SWAT team? What was that all about?

Morano: Well, what they were trying to do is try to link, first of all, any weather event to climate. So Tom Stier and his financing and money tried to exploit every natural disaster in order to lobby for government action. Other people like meteorologist Joe Bastardi called this kind of action, ‘climate ambulance chasing’ where you look for any disaster. You say, this wouldn’t have happened. And This works. People like Chuck Schumer took to the United States Senate floor and said had we done more on climate change, carbon taxes, cap-and-trade, we would have fewer hurricanes. We have Democratic United States senators believing that US policy can regulate hurricanes and natural disasters, and Tom Steyer is paying them to say these kinds of things work.

Doocy: Before you go. We quoted this poll from Emerson a couple of minutes ago. Climate change, not in the top six or so how There it is right there that 6%? how potent is that as an issue?

Morano: Among the Democratic base, it can be considered an issue. The problem is you have dozens of candidates running now making climate an issue but now you only have one who’s got this kind of money and he’ll try to buy, buy this as an issue with the Democratic Party base. Well, let’s see what happens.

Doocy: Marc Morano We thank you very much for joining us live from DC.

Morano: Thank you, Steve.


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