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CNN OPED Calls for the Elimination of the US Nuclear Arsenal, Because ‘Climate Change’

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to CNN, if the USA and other nations do not eliminate their nuclear weapons climate change will trigger a nuclear war.

Climate change isn’t our only existential threat

By Ira Helfand
Updated 1907 GMT (0307 HKT) July 6, 2019

America confronts a long list of critical problems and they all require urgent attention. But among them, two issues stand out: catastrophic climate change and nuclear war are unique in the threat they pose to the very survival of human civilization. The enormity and imminence of these twin existential threats cannot be overstated and how to confront them must be the central issue of any presidential campaign.

Climate change and the danger of nuclear war are closely related. As climate change progresses over the coming decades, large areas of the planet will be unable to support their human population. As a result, there will likely be forced migrations on a scale unknown in human history, and an enormously increased risk of conflict, including nuclear conflict. Nuclear war, should it come, would cause further catastrophic climate disruption and widespread global famine.

The danger today demands a similar response, and this time the effort must focus on the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

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The author ignores the benefits of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons dramatically raise the stakes for aggressors, which contributes to world peace.

The alleged connection between climate change and nuclear conflict seems a bit tenuous.