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Alaska’s Heatwave Nearly As Hot As 1915 — So It Must Be ‘Global Warming’ Claims BBC

By Paul Homewood

According to the BBC:


The US state of Alaska, part of which lies inside the Arctic Circle, is sweltering under a heatwave, with record temperatures recorded in several areas, including its largest city.

Temperatures reached 90F (32C) in Anchorage on Thursday, shattering the city’s previous record of 85F.

Several other places in southern Alaska also set all-time or daily records.

Experts say the unusual weather has been caused by a “heat dome” over the southern part of the state.

The high pressure system is expected to move north next week.


The BBC is quite certain what the cause is, as the article’s header is a video by Matt McGrath, headed “Climate Change-Why We Should Care”.

Yet as the article itself mentions further down, Alaska’s record high temperature of 100F was set as long ago as 1915 in Fort Yukon, much further north than Anchorage, and inside the Arctic Circle.

Clearly, this event is not unprecedented in Alaska, and nothing at all to do with “climate change”.

To suggest otherwise is dishonest, but unfortunately, an all too common event for our global warming-obsessed BBC.