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Claim: ‘Tackling the climate crisis means the end of capitalism as we know it’

Tackling the climate crisis means the end of capitalism as we know it

By Paul Homewood

The far left journalist, Paul Mason, reveals the real agenda behind the climate wars:

When John McDonnell announced plans to de-list the companies wilfully destroying the planet through unchecked carbon emissions, the response from the City was predictably hyperbolic. “Financial totalitarianism,” said one banker. “Kamikaze communism,” said the right-wing propaganda website Guido Fawkes.

Labour’s thinking on industrial, fiscal and central bank policy has taken a sharp green turn under the impact of the Extinction Rebellion protests, and last October’s IPCC report, which dramatically shortened the deadline for halving global carbon emissions. But it is not yet radical enough.

Climate change is a problem where — given the scale and the deadlines — nothing short of dramatic structural change in the way capitalism works can deliver the 2030 target of a 45 per cent cut in carbon emissions. To deliver the net-zero carbon emissions demanded by 2050 will require an economy so different from ours that we are unlikely to recognise it as capitalism.

Full story here. (You should be able to access 1 free article)

If McDonnell is not extreme enough, heaven help us all!

What Mason goes on to argue is that only a full scale, Stalinist central planning approach will work, with all investment and effectively spending directed from the centre.

Truly frightening, and well worth a read.