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Watch: Skeptics say: Thank You AOC! ‘In only a few short months AOC has done more for energy awareness than any other person in politics or the media today’

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Script: This video is going to come as a shock to those of you who have watched our six-part series on the Green New Deal, but here goes. We want to thank Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her public service. Way to go AOC! In only a few short months she has done more for energy awareness than any other person in politics or the media today. You didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Here’s the deal. For far too long politicians and political commentators have focused most of their attention on the outrage of the day and a core set of issues in the culture wars. It’s mostly the same tedious stuff day after day. Bush did this. Obama said that. Trump tweeted what? No wonder non-political people are tuning out. One topic that’s rarely discussed at any depth is energy. You know… the most important thing in our lives because without abundant, affordable, reliable energy, everything comes crashing down. It’s been a preoccupation of mine for more than 15 years. I’ve made two documentary films, given dozens upon dozens of speeches, and now Clear Energy Alliance creates short videos on energy topics. But it’s a tough slog. Energy producers have done such a great job in making our lives comfortable… we take it all for granted. And then here comes AOC with her Green New Deal. Suddenly, everybody in the media and politics starts talking about energy. How great is that! But wait a minute… isn’t the Green New Deal based on the belief that climate change is an existential threat that creates a desperate need to do away with fossil fuels in only a decade? Well… yeah, it is. The premise is not just ridiculous and counterproductive, but also impossible. AOC’s goal was to stir up mass hysteria about climate change while demonizing the energy sources that make our lives so good. Sure, she got some true believers fired up, but what she really did was get people who are not all that interested in energy to pay attention. And what did these people see and hear? They heard a lot of knowledgeable experts talking about the fact that wind turbines and solar panels produce only small amounts of unreliable, expensive electricity. And there’s no way these technologies are going to replace oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear in the near future or even many decades down the road. Fossil fuels, in particular, are so ingrained in our daily existence there’s no way to separate ourselves from them for a very long time. Not only that… they’re pretty great. The attempt by AOC and many others to fan the flames of climate change hysteria appears to have had the opposite effect. It’s made a lot of clear-thinking people question what’s really going on here. Why are politicians and their wealthy activist groups saying “Don’t worry about the trillions of dollars we need to spend, just pay up and give us control of everything.” AOC and company overplayed their hand and exposed their true motivations, which have very little to do with energy or the environment and everything to do with seizing power and ultimately taking away your personal freedoms. AOC’s overreach removed the mask of what climate change hysteria is really about. Hey AOC. We love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.