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Video: They Predicted It All Along – Warmists caught predicting floods & droughts for Australia — but past climate was only floods & droughts

hello this is Tony Heller from real
climate science calm setting the record
straight about climate in this video I’m
going to show you how experts predicted
it all along the Australian Bureau of
Meteorology predicts droughts and floods
for Australia and if we look at the
historical record we can see that
they’re correct the Empire Sydney
Tuesday October 13th 1868 the climate of
Australia 1789 droughts 1791 drought
1797 droughts 17 maybe 9 flood 1800
flood it’s just like the Bureau of
Meteorology predicted 1829 severe
droughts 1830 flood 1831 flood 1832
flood 1835 slight drought 1836 slight
drought 1837 extreme drought 1838 and
extreme droughts 1839 extreme drought
1840 flood it looks like the Bureau of
Meteorology got their prediction spot on
droughts and floods in Australia just
like they predicted and not only that by
1846 experts to determine that the
change of climate in Australia was
caused by white men Maitland mercury
Wednesday March 11th 1846 on the change
of climate the great changes have taken
place in the climate of Australia all
testimony satisfactorily proved the
Aborigines say that the climate is
undergone has changed since white man
came into the country but by 1871
someone had a different opinion
Brisbane Courier Tuesday January 10th
1871 imaginary changes of climate a
plentiful crop of speculation from
weather prophets and projectors and half
instructed meteorologists in all the
philosophic tribe of Laputa in general
to whom the periodical press no afford
such fatal facilities every season is
sure to be extraordinary almost every
month one of the driest or wettest or
windiest coldest her hottest ever known
much observation which ought to correct
a tendency to exaggerate seems in some
Minds have rather a tendency to increase
it so pretty much the same story as
today we get bombarded with fake
statistics about being the hottest
coldest wettest driest worst weather
and so people imagine that the climate
is changing when in fact it’s the same
old weather we’ve always had the climate
is always consisted of alternating
droughts and floods this is the climate
model which experts are using they
predict every possible outcome and then
when it happens they say see I told you
he shouldn’t listen to me so in the
Bureau of Meteorology says there’s gonna
be droughts and floods in Australia
you’d better listen to him because
Australia is almost always experiencing
drought or flood
how can droughts and floods become more
likely when Australia’s been almost
continuously in a drought or flood since
the 18th century the likelihood of
drought or flood in Australia has always
been pretty close to 100% so how does
that increase the dishonesty junk
science and incompetence is off scale
visit odo on the web at rel climate
science com he’s been pulling back the
curtain on junk science for a long time