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NPR: ‘We All Owe Al Gore An Apology’: Claim: ‘More People See Climate Change In Record Flooding’ – – Despite fact floods are not increasing! NATHAN ROTT TwitterInstagram Floodwaters from the Arkansas River line either side of a road in Russellville, Arkansas, engulfing businesses and vehicles. Nathan Rott/NPR Angel Portillo doesn’t think about climate change much. It’s not that he doesn’t care. He’s just got other things to worry about. Climate change seems so far away, so big. Lately […]

‘Reaching end game’: ‘New paper on climate change raises alarm’ – ‘Climate apocalypse,’ ‘We’re all gonna die,’ the media banners blared by Robert Kennedy Protesters in Mumbai last month demanded urgent measures to combat climate change [Francis Mascarenhas/Reuters] A climate change paper grabbed headlines this week with its terrifying prediction of what the world will be in 30 years’ time – absent drastic and immediate change to human societies. “World of outright chaos,” “Climate apocalypse,” […]

Climate disasters are less costly, less deadly, and corporate warnings are just $1 Trillion of hot air By Jo Nova Hitting the presses today, the vacuous news that lots of companies picked huge numbers out of the air using broken models to guess hyperbolic climate losses coming in the next five years, counter to all the trends for the last hundred years which show declining losses on a GDP basis. The […]

CLIMATE HYSTERIA IS OVERTHROWING EUROPE’S POLITICAL ORDER The Times The German Green party has taken a narrow lead over Angela Merkel’s conservatives for the first time, according to two opinion polls. Buoyed by a surge in support from younger voters concerned about the environment, the party is now contemplating the possibility that one of its leaders could be Germany’s next chancellor. Robert Habeck, […]

STUDY: Old people blamed for causing ‘global warming’ – ‘Aging population increases energy use’ — which increases ‘global warming!’ Aging population increases energy use Novel analytical method highlights potential challenge in a warming world By Alvin Powell Harvard Staff Writer New research links two of the biggest drivers of global change today: the population’s rapid aging and the planet’s rising heat. The research, among the first to explore how residential energy use changes […]

Bloomberg Pledges $500M to Get Rid of Coal, Slow Natural Gas Production Michael Bloomberg is giving away more of his personal fortune to advance his radical environmental agenda, this time pledging $500 million to shutter every coal mine in the United States and slow the production of cheap, clean, and plentiful natural gas. The New York Times reported on the former mayor of New York City’s Beyond Carbon campaign. […]