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Early June Arctic Ice Growing for last 13 years

Climate Scientists Astounded…No Arctic Ice Loss In 13 Years… Early June Arctic Ice Growing!

Modelled data by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) show that Arctic sea ice stopped shrinking 13 years ago, defying earlier predictions made by climate scientists and models.

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

A few days ago we showed how Antarctica’s coastal stations were in fact coolingsomewhat rather than warming. This came as a surprise to many.

And now that it’s June 1st, with the Arctic melt season starting in earnest, it is a good time to check Arctic ice volume. Here as well we find an equally surprising trend. Instead of shrinking rapidly — as is often claimed by the .global warming by alarmist scientists and the click-sleaze media — Arctic sea ice volume has not shrunk in 13 years!

Surprise. Arctic sea ice volume has not fallen in 13 years. Data source: Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

As the above chart shows, the ice has in reality even grown a bit!

The figures are based on calculations using DMI’s operational ocean and sea ice model HYCOM-CICE.

This is why today it’s more important than ever to keep the focus on the real data and not the hysterical headlines that currently dominate the hype-filled media.

And when we look at Arctic sea ice volume each year for June 1st this decade and plot it, we get the following:

June 1st Arctic ice volume on June 1st has increased so far this decade. Data: DMI.

Lo and behold: the chart above shows that early June ice volume has trended up over the current decade.