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Joe Biden Endorses ‘Framework’ of Green New Deal in ‘Bold’ Climate Change Plan by CHARLIE SPIERING Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed the Green New Deal on Tuesday as a “crucial framework” for his plan to control climate change. The proposal reads: Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are […]

LIZ WARREN PITCHES CLIMATE CHANGE ‘JOBS’ PLAN. IT COSTS $2 MILLION PER JOB   Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, if elected president, would spend $2 trillion over a decade to fund her version of the Green New Deal. Warren says her various “green” programs would create 1 million jobs, but that’s at a cost of about $2 million per job. “The climate crisis demands immediate and bold […]

Socialists Ruin the Environment: ‘Track record is woefully poor’ By Michael Swartz The steady drumbeat of speculation about the “i-word” (impeachment) has pushed America’s political mindset away from the s-word: socialism. But it’ll be back soon, wrapped in the cloak of “climate change.” Despite what’s predicted to be a “near-normal” hurricane season beginning this weekend, much of the nation is still reeling from […]

Britain’s Climate ‘Present’ To Prez. Trump – UK accused of trying to ‘fiddle’ climate change targets Britain’s Climate ‘Present’ To President Trump UK Government Rejects Climate Change Committee Advice The British government has been accused of trying to “fiddle” the country’s climate change targets after cabinet ministers agreed to carry forward past “overperformance” in emissions reductions to allow a potential breach of pollution limits in coming years. Ministers decided over […]

Australian government pays Al Gore $320k to conduct climate training as rare snowfall hits

Follow on Twitter: @ClimateDepot Queensland govt pays $320k to Al Gore to train people in climate witchcraft and gets Snow too! By Jo Nova Al Gore is here in Australia to train 1,000 useful idiots on Unscience, neolithic reasoning and witchcraft. The man with no climate science expertise and huge vested interest is being […]

Climate kids lawsuit in federal court demand ‘constitutional right to live in a world safe from climate change’ By JULIA ROSEN JUN 03, 2019 | 7:00 AM    Julia Olson, third from left, chief legal counsel for Our Children’s Trust, stands with some of the 21 young plaintiffs she is representing in Juliana vs. United States. The plaintiffs say the federal government’s inaction on climate change violates their constitutional rights. (Andy Nelson / Eugene Register-Guard) […]