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Climate statistician rips Wash Post for unscientific claims & ‘misinformation’ – Urges Presidential climate science review panel

Toles vs. Achenbach, narrative vs. news

Tom Toles’ May 30 editorial cartoon shows a tornado devastating the “Trump Dept. Of Climate ‘Science.’”

But the front page news story by Joel Achenbach and Jason Samenow the same day reaffirms the finding of the UN IPPC that tornados cannot be attributed to global warming.

The latest UN review was clear: tornado rates, rates of hurricanes, floods, droughts, and sea-level rise, have not changed in the era of industrial carbon dioxide. Such misinformation as Toles’ is precisely why president Trump’s NSC Director of Emerging Technologies Will Happer is promoting a necessary review of the climate crisis narrative.
Caleb S. Rossiter
Executive Director, CO2 Coalition (founded by Professor Happer)
Caleb Stewart

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