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Physicist calls NYC’s climate inspired ban on hot dogs & processed meats ‘insane, unscientific, medieval ritual’

Former Harvard University Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl: 


Newyorkers and others should learn quite a lesson from de Blasio’s steps and those people who are willing to believe that “one helps the climate or the planet” by a crazy policy such as the ban of processed meat in the whole city should be classified as politically immature – because they are – and stripped of their voting rights (and surely the right to run for the office). The effect of the New York ban on the temperature of Earth is again in tens of microkelvins – it’s totally negligible. Will you seriously cripple the quality of your life because of some microkelvins, especially if you know that the weather will be infinitesimally better if you eat some of the processed food?

If there isn’t an agreement about such medical conditions for the voting and political rights, I think it will be necessary to separate the people like Bill de Blasio from the sane people who understand why such bans are insane, unscientific, medieval rituals. The likes of de Blasio and his voters may live in their desired paradise without hot dogs but they shouldn’t have the power to restrict the basic rights of sane people at the same moment.

The degree of insanity that these people are spreading in the world – and their impact (the New York City is more than just an average village) – are reaching truly dangerous proportions.