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Morano to be keynote speaker at Climate Conference in Seattle – April 27, 2019 Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights presents… 2019 Annual Conference, Banquet and Auction CAPR Climate Conference – Creating a Climate for Strong Property Rights April 27, 2019 Banquet Keynote Speaker Marc Morano Climate Depot DoubleTree Suites 16500 Southcenter Parkway Seattle, Washington 98188 $50 — REGISTER FOR CONFERENCE $75 — REGISTER FOR BANQUET $600 — REGISTER FOR BANQUET […]

Climate movement grandpa James Hansen declares the Green New Deal is ‘nonsense’ – ‘We need a real deal which understands how economics works’ By Zoya Teirstein In the 1980s, NASA scientist James Hansen brought climate change to the attention of Congress, and shortly thereafter the public. Humans, he testified in 1988, were responsible for rising global temperatures. But the man who put his reputation on the line to alert the world to the dangers of global warming […]

VIDEO: Climate protesters’ ambush interview goes awry as they are called ‘over-privileged posh kids’ who want ‘to dictate to the rest of us’ CLIMATE PROTESTER’S CAMERAMAN ASKS KATIE HOPKINS THE COLOR OF HER UNDERWEAR IN ATTEMPT TO REFUTE HER POINT By Virginia Kruta When a climate protester ambushed U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) leader Gerard Batten, media personality Katie Hopkins turned the tables on him, demanding that he answer just one question. Hopkins noted that Batten had humored […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says Green New Deal will ban ‘inefficient’ steel and glass skyscrapers If the Big Apple is to become the Green Apple, it will have to ban the steel and glass towers that form its signature skyline, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio, speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” said that city’s most iconic structures – the tall skyscrapers seen from miles away – are […]

NYC To Ban Hot Dogs & Processed Meats To Improve ‘Climate Change’ – Part of cities ‘Green New Deal’ By Deanna Moore New York City is the first city in the United States to eliminate processed meats. Mayor Bill de Blasio approved an ambitious $14 billion Green New Deal on Monday, April 22, to combat climate change. The plan will cut purchases of red meat by 50 percent in its city-controlled facilities such as hospitals, schools, and […]