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AFL-CIO union chief says no to Green New Deal – ‘The worker’s interest really wasn’t completely figured into it’

Another major Democrat Party-leaning labor union has turned against the Green New Deal. The first union to turn earlier this year was the  Laborers’ International Union of North America. See: Major labor union (which endorsed Hillary & Obama twice for Prez) unloads on ‘Green New Deal’ as ‘unrealistic manifesto’ that will ‘destroy workers’ livelihoods’ – & cause ‘economic and social devastation’

And now the AFL-CIO has turned against it.


Union chief says no to Green New Deal

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said yesterday that the largest group of U.S. unions does not support the Green New Deal in its current form, a potential blow for activists hoping to get labor on board with the progressive climate plan.

“We weren’t part of the process, and so the worker’s interest really wasn’t completely figured into it,” Trumka said at an event hosted by the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. “So we would want a whole lot of changes made so that workers and our jobs are protected in the process.”

Trumka’s comments appear to undercut supporters of the Green New Deal on and off Capitol Hill, who have said for months that they’re in an ongoing dialogue with labor about the resolution.

When the AFL-CIO Energy Committee penned a letter last month in opposition to the Green New Deal, progressives were quick to point out it did not necessarily represent the views of the full AFL-CIO.

The letter’s language mirrored Trumka’s comments yesterday, calling climate change a problem worth addressing but expressing concern the Green New Deal is “far too short on specific solutions.”

But Trumka’s comments made clear that the AFL-CIO, which represents more than 12 million workers and is often a major partner for Democratic causes, is not on board yet.

Instead, many of the federation’s energy industry unions, including Utility Workers Union of America and United Mine Workers of America, have called for technology-neutral approaches and further building out carbon capture technology.

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Major labor union (which endorsed Hillary & Obama twice for Prez) unloads on ‘Green New Deal’ as ‘unrealistic manifesto’ that will ‘destroy workers’ livelihoods’ – & cause ‘economic and social devastation’ – Labor leader Terry O’Sullivan, who’s union twice endorsed President Obama for President and endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, is have come out swinging against the “Green New Deal” from New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Statement of Terry O’Sullivan, General President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, On the “Green New Deal” “It is exactly how not to win support for critical measures to curb climate change…It is difficult to take this unrealistic manifesto seriously, but the economic and social devastation it would cause if it moves forward is serious and real…threatens to destroy workers’ livelihoods, increase divisions and inequality, and undermine the very goals it seeks to reach. In short, it is a bad deal.”

Prominent environmentalist Shellenberger: ‘I am calling Bullsh*t’ on Ocasio-Cortez! Declares AOC is ‘a climate fraud’ – Rips ‘Green New Deal’ as ‘climate fakery’ – Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, President of “Environmental Progress” & an activist Time Magazine called a “Hero of the Environment”: – “I am calling bullshit not just on AOC but on her progressive enablers in the news media who are giving her a pass on the most crucial test of moral and political leadership of our time when it comes to climate change: a person’s stance on nuclear power.” “I am calling bullshit on climate fakery. Anyone who is calling for phasing out nuclear is a climate fraud perpetuating precisely the gigantic ‘hoax’ that [Oklahoma] Sen. James Inhofe (R) famously accused environmentalists of perpetuating.” “If you want to be a self-respecting progressive or journalist who is fairly considering or covering the climate issue, please stop giving Ocasio-Cortex and other supposedly climate-concerned greens a pass. THEY ARE INCREASING EMISSIONS.”