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Watch: Morano on TV on how children are being used to push climate fears and ‘action’

Marc Morano: Environmentalists use children to push junk science



On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant ShowMarc Morano of joined me to discuss the increasing use of children in Canada (and around the world) to spread climate change fear-mongering.

These children are being manipulated into scaring other kids into believing the left’s climate change agenda, but so many of the “facts” they use are based on junk science.

WATCH my interview with Marc to see how charts used to track increasing global temperatures often begin during the global cooling period of the 1970s to falsely portray a rapid increase over a short timespan.



Researchers Warn Arctic Has Entered ‘Unprecedented State’ That Threatens Global Climate Stability.

Morano rebuts: This “study” seems to be more of a press release than anything.
The key way we know this is pure hype is the cherry-picked time frame. The release reports: “The authors correlated records of observations of nine key indicators from 1971 to 2017: air temperature, permafrost, hydroclimatology, snow cover, sea ice, land ice, wildfires, tundra and terrestrial ecosystems, and carbon cycling. All the indicators correlate with rising temperatures, pointing to a warming climate and a fundamental change in the Arctic.”
Mmmm. 1971 start date. The was the height of the “global cooling” scare. So obviously temps in the Arctic have risen since the 1970s.
I wonder why they did not go further back? Note the same scientist Igor Polyakov, who was quoted in above press release, was also the lead author on 2003 study showing Arctic warmer in 30s and 40s!
According to a 2003 study by Arctic scientist Igor Polyakov, the warmest period in the Arctic during the 20th Century was the late 1930s through early 1940s. Excerpt: Our results suggest that the decadal AO (Arctic Oscillation) and multidecadal LFO (low-frequency oscillation) drive large amplitude natural variability in the Arctic making detection of possible long-term trends induced by greenhouse gas warming most difficult.
In addition, using the 1970s as a starting point is an immediate tip-off that the “study” is designed to be pure propaganda. See this report on how liberal weatherman use the same trick.

The information the meteorologists are peddling is pure propaganda, as the video accompanying the article shows a montage of weather forecasters using a 1970 start date to claim warming temperatures. Ever wonder why they chose 1970 as the start date?

Here is why:

Cheating For Dollars At Climate Central: ‘The 1970 cherry picking scam has become a centerpiece of the global warming fraud. The 1970s was one of the coldest decades in US history’ – By Tony Heller – ‘By starting in 1970, Climate Central is intentionally defrauding their readers. Had they started in 1950, there would be almost no warming shown Also important to remember that all recent temperatures are jacked up by 0.5F Bottom line is there has been little or no long term warming in the US’