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Analysis: Eugenics and global warming


FILIPINOS should not dismiss outright the connection that scientists and scholars have drawn between the theories of global warming and eugenics, a subject which I briefly discussed in my column, “Catastrophe: Green New Deal crashes in US Senate” (Manila Times, March 31, 2019).

“The White Man’s Burden,” the infamous poem of Rudyard Kipling that called America to the challenge or duties of imperialism in 1899 and led to the annexation of the Philippines by America, was written at around the same time that saw the birth of the eugenics movement in England.

The poem had as its subtitle, “The United States and the Philippine Islands.” It is unapologetic in its racism.

Kipling wrote the poem in the closing years of the 19th century. It was published in McClure’s magazine in the US in February 1899.

In the same month, the Philippine-American war broke out. Earlier, on June 12, 1898, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the independence of the Philippines. The United States annexed the Philippines following the signing of the Treaty of Paris in December 1898 and the payment of a measly $20 million to Spain.

The Philippines and the Filipino people would not regain their independence until 1946, when the US formally gave up control of the islands.

The documentation and scholarship on eugenics and global warming are substantive. Both had English origins. And both were promoted as science and sought acceptance by sowing fear and catastrophe.

Letters and materials from readers
I want to acknowledge receipt of numerous letters and materials from readers on the subject of eugenics and global warming, They were evidently triggered by my column of March 31.

I have become aware that besides Dr. Richard Lindzen, many scientists and scholars have been probing the eugenics-global warming connection.